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Elephone enters PH market thru Lazada

Industry innovations in the mobile marketplace can come in many forms and Elephone, a company from China comes into the Philippines thru Lazada with three amazing offerings that will send waves all across the price spectrum.


The S1, P8000, and the P9000, in ascending specification and cost bring together the best components from Sony, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Truly, JDI, and Mediatek coming out with impressive configurations at unbelievable rates – the best coming in at just under 11,500Php! Let’s have a good look at that one first:

The P9000 is powered by the Helios10 from Mediatek, 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM from Samsung, 5.5″ FHD panel from LG
13 MP Sony IMX258 Rear and 8 MP OV8858 Front Cameras
3000mAh Li-Poly, Quick Charge, Wireless Charge, FingerprintID, NFC, USB Type-C


Right! Can you just imagine how feature packed it is? Crazy armed to the teeth, but thats not all, it also comes with a multi-function mute button which has the power to call upon the most commonly used apps apart from silencing the device. Another unique feature of the phone is the single capacitive button at the bottom which combines Android’s regular three buttons into a single one – pressing on it once invokes the “back” command, twice invokes “home”, and a long press would activate the “task manager”… dont worry guys only the P9000 has this feature, the P8000 and the S1 follow regular Android configurations with the S1 being on display keys which automaticaly hide themselves depending on the situation. For Php 11,499 it truly is quite the package.

P8000 gets a little bit of trimming coming out with MTK6753, 3GBs of RAM and 16GB ROM, a similar 5.5″ FHD screen, a Samsung 3L2 13MP Rear and 5MP Front Cams, FingerprintID but comes with a massive 4165mAh quick charge battery to make up for it. This model is set to retail at Php 7799


The S1, a beautiful glass and metal build carries an MT6580 quad core, inside a 5″ 720p screen, still with the very much coveted FingerprintID feature comes in at an insane Php 3999.


Be sure to check out all of the offerings at Lazada come the 18th of April.
P9000 –
P8000 –
S1 –

Watch this space for hands-on videos from the event.

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