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DPP Manila Photo 2014 Wrap Up

At the end of its run yesterday, the event facilitated by DPP (Digital Photographer Philippines) Magazine gave enthusiast and professional photographers alike a week long avenue for convergence, dialogue, and growth.


I almost wasnt able to make it but as luck would have it one of our scheduled activities had its location beyond the SM Aura Premiere and we got to drop by on the way back.

The festival was peppered with talks and events scheduled by the participant brands, in this particular example, food photography techniques were being presented by Mr. Jo Avila at the end of the photo gallery situated at the lobby.


The entire week had been home to these and one could’ve literally spent the entire week there and learned plenty. Naturally a festival like this isnt without an area where you could purchase photography gear and that was at the third floor lobby… It was a treat because unlike past events within the last two years, this one had stuff for micro four thirds system users such as myself!


This imposing “G” doubles as a display cabinet for some of the lenses in the Lumix line from Panasonic; you can tell how excited I was to come over and play with the gear especially since earlier that week (Oct 1 Wednesday) the GH4 was released here!


A live unit was on display, with a 12-35 f2.8 lens attached, which I had picked up and played with for a while… someone even took a video on site and it had been playing on the HDTV that was on the booth, too bad it wasnt 4k though XD. A surprise greeted us in the form of the LX100 – a just announced and released advanced compact camera with a micro four thirds sensor inside and a 10.9-34mm (24-70mm equiv) f1.7-2.8 ASPH Leica DC Vario-Summilux in tow!


It was just the box when we were told about it but after a few minutes the unit had come back with its owner and we also got to play with that!


Above he was showing us how clean it still was at even ISO3200 (it goes up to ISO25600) even the hairs on the face are still sharp on the display!


We got to play with this model more extensively partly due to our vested interest on it, and I’ll talk about this model more in depth on a later post. Round the bend there was CameraHaus and they had on their shelves an Otus – the incredibly sharp 55mm f1.4 Zeiss offering


and a number of GH4 units just waiting to be purchased!


On the other side there was also a booth from VOOZU, exclusive Blackmagic distributor and they had a slew of Voigtlander lenses that you could mount onto your cameras to test… both the 25mm (Type II) and the 42.5mm Nokton (not shown below) were there for the m4/3 party along with an EF converter with its own aperture control!


These were quite heavy and I hope I can loan a few ones out for review eventually.

All the major players had their respective booths of course which even had cleaning stations which is a free service during the event.






While seemingly disjointed because of the floor separation (with talks happening on the Samsung Event Hall 6F as well) it was truly a photography festival to the bone. DPP certainly has a knack for putting together something like this so Im certainly looking forward to more celebrations from them

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