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Asus TUF Gaming FX505DV – Performance Prioritized

Not too long ago, I’ve reviewed the entry level FX505DY code named Red Matter which had the Ryzen 5 and RX560X combo on it. This time around, we’re looking at the top of the line TUF Gaming offering from Asus that comes in with the Ryzen 7 chip as well as an RTX2060 on board.

The price of this particular SKU is positioned at nearly Php 80k… with twice the price would we be getting a significant performance boost from the Red Matter? It’s a definitive yes of course, by how much? Let’s dive in!

Synthetic benches from my favorite FFXV at maximum settings give the FX505DV a Standard rating, far from being the best machine to play the triple A RPG with but decent enough to not get you killed in times of heavy particle display coming from battles that require a lot of abilities and spells to net you a win. If you’d like performance that is smooth enough and with even less lag than on full screen, it says that FFXV will run fairly high at 720p windowed mode – a far cry from the Red Matter’s slightly low rating.

As a workstation, the FX505D brings enough power to get you through creating and editing sessions without much worry. The Ryzen 7 and 2060 pairing works to the advantage of one another, here are my usual workstation benches with side by side comparisons to the Red Matter.

The overall feel of the FX505DV is much more fluid than that of the former but it was to be expected. At twice the price there are of course other things that can be had from the higher specced SKU. Because the backlighting is now RGB, the Armoury Crate has been made available and Aura is enabled. Somehow, and I can’t be certain because I don’t have a decibel meter with me, the higher SKU sounds quieter overall even with Turbo mode turned on… the graphics card might have something to do with that.

The Asus Armoury Crate in a TUF flavor

There’s a little bit of flex to the keyboard but that doesn’t detract from gaming sessions, more for those that would use the FX505D for productivity. WASD keys are given preferential treatment implying the enhanced capacity of the device for FPS games.

Even though the speakers fire down they sound loud enough for an open game environmental ambiance. The exterior of the device is more subtle than the Red Matter with its accents. This extends the feeling of providing performance over flair and blends better with other gaming machines around it if and when involved in a LAN party.

The ports, as usual and expected from the TUF lineup are all on the left, non-mousing side, and there is no difference in available options from the Red Matter – you still get the power jack, LAN, full sized HDMI, USB 2, USB 3×2, and the combo audio jack.

This package does not come with a mouse of is own nor a carrying case but considering the price that the unit comes at, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. The TUF Gaming line is a step towards eSports dominion and is a very good starting point to racking up those frags.

I’d tested the machine with Tekken 7 and, under power (plugged in), you can expect excellent framerate display making practice and ranking bouts all about your own dexterity. Games like this with a middling amount of particles that are displayed when competing, run smoothly and without incident. Competitive gameplay is not beyond the reach of the FX505DV.

This monster normally retails for Php 79,995 but you have a window of opportunity this Nov.11 to get it at an incredibly discounted price of Php 75,195 or Php 71,995 depending on whether it’s in flash sale mode or not – up to 8k off!!! Be on your keyboards/mobile phones when the clock strikes 12 on the 11th to join in… the sale happens on Lazada!


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