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Asus’ Strix GTX960 – The Sweet Spot for Gaming Graphics

I’ve never been into a particular category of PC gaming – the kind where console level games are concerned. MMOs and MOBAs, these sort of categories, do not actually need the power that the former requires and these two I am very familiar with. I also work with graphics, which is why the terms that are being thrown about were akin to attending a seminar for improvement, and that is what the Strix line offers – a level where you can participate in all sorts of PC gaming, a singular piece of hardware that would increase response up to five times its integrated counterpart can offer! A few days back, the graphics card and the concept behind it was presented to us and it really is an upgrade well worth the consideration.


Nvidia, a name almost synonymous to graphics performance, put out different product lines that cater to several niches that every type of gamer falls into. As part of their nomenclature, GeForce products with the number ’60’ on them indicate the ‘sweet spot’ of gaming performance as they call it; their most recent iteration- the ‘GTX 960’ pulls together the most advanced rendering technologies into a package that wont burn a hole into gamers pockets and will deliver on some of the most graphic intensive game titles to date!


Asus, with their Strix line of video cards, utilize a factory overclocked (1317MHz) GTX 960 and marries it with a housing and cooling system that gives it that extra boost in both performance and aesthetic; With motherboards (Asus’ Pro Gamer Series) that match in design and resilience plus an array of accessories in bright orange with the owl as its representative insignia, it gives players that cohesive platform with which to unleash their gaming fix.


Available for 10,770Php it is a highly viable piece of any desktop setup providing the performance without the perceived cost!


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