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Asus ROG Masters – Setting the Tone for Philippine E-Sports

All this talk about games is bringing me back to the Skydome at SM North Edsa where the final matches for DOTA2 and CS:GO that determined the Philippine representatives to the regional finals of ROGMasters had transpired.


It was an area chock full of excellent e-sports technologies coming from the global powerhouse that is Asus. All of the latest ROG (Republic of Gamers) systems were on display hosting a game title each for attendees to try out its responsiveness and superior graphics.


The celebration includes a number of cosplayers who donned popular game characters to the delight of all… of course Asus’ very own Zeny had been present showing everyone a good time dancing to the tune of whatever was streaming over at the time.


An area was dedicated to the mobile segment as well showcasing all the variants of the Zenfone 3 to be released on the Philippine market.


The most important area, the stage, had been set up so that two teams will be playing each on one side, separated by a massive screen where the ongoing game would be cast for everybody else to experience with a commentary from game experts managing the feed.


There were no CPU units there (apart from the displayed ones), all the players were on the latest Strix variant for equivalence; these are set behind a massive Asus widescreen G-Sync monitor and a gaming grade keyboard and mouse pair each – an approximated Php200k within each setup!


Fancy lighting and confetti rained on Mineski (CS:GO) and TNC (DOTA2) that day, they’ll get on a plane and enter the world stage once more at the Southeast Asia qualifiers in KLM as the Philippine reps in this prestigious Asus tourney in November. Events like these signal the permanence and the promise of e-sports in the future of our country.


Hats off to AsusPH for taking it on themselves to facilitate FPS and MOBA tournaments transcending into the global stage elevating the level of e-sports into profession.

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