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Acer Aspire V5 –122P Evaluation


I’ve been seeing a lot of this model as of late and it certainly is quite the impressive package here coming from Acer.

At nearly 25,000Php you’d be getting an 11.6” touchscreen notebook with Windows 8 installed, equipped with a quad-core AMD Temash APU clocked at 1GHz supported by 4gigs of RAM with 500gigs of storage. It has 2 USB3.0 ports with a possible third using a cable for their hybrid MiniDV port, a full SD card slot, backlit keyboard, and highly configurable internals with the backplate removed.

According to reviews over the web it sports ultrabook performance levels… and it should with the default configuration that it comes with. This is very interesting to me because of the size of the screen and the resolution which is almost non existent nowadays – 11.6” touchscreen IPS at 1366×768; it is similar to my MSI Wind U210 which maintains great usability up till today. This would be futureproof to some extent with its current APU generation and, while not overly powerful, will be able to meet demands of a particular level of users.

Highly recommended among the current market available offerings leave for the lack of compatibility for display outputs but that is forgivable with its dimensions. Neither an ultrabook nor a netbook it sits right there in the middle quite comfortably.

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