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X10 on Gingerbread


The day that all X10 owners have been waiting for has dawned and was received gladly, we are now enjoying as well the latest iteration of the Android mobile operating system: Gingerbread 2.3.3.  Probably the best feature to highlight is the inclusion of the ability to move applications to the sd card which was already present in Froyo but was denied to X10 owners who until recently only got to enjoy Eclair. Being the better written OS of the bunch, Gingerbread (GB) on the device responds much more snappily and gives the games the handling they deserve.  The refreshed default homescreen allows the user to use an especially optimized Timescape widget which updates on the fly or on demand and provides quick access to the main content stream. File handling and memory management within the gallery is a very welcome improvement as I had much issues with the older ‘forced’ gallery app which prompts a reboot when the memory gets overloaded.  What I didnt like about the update was that they made the font on the default messaging app larger for easier reading; I liked the older, much smaller font, which allowed longer messages to be read without having to scroll down, but I guess I’m with the minority on that front.  I especially loved the new sleep animation which borrows the style of old cathode ray TVs when being turned off, that is a very sweet subtle touch. I noticed as well that the screen now rotates to the other side but still not upside down, thats a very good update as well.  Updating was fast and easy, with detailed instructions to make sure the user understood what was happening every step of the way. The firmware is very clean with very little bloatware that needs taking care of. Hats off to SE for keeping their X10 customers happy as we were initially promised up to 2.1 only.

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