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PSA: Get to know the Chrome Remote Desktop

Today I tried out this very nifty tool courtesy of our friends from Google. If you’ve ever used TeamViewer before, it’s pretty much the same only pared down to the barest of necessities but still deliver the goods. I came across this extension by way of FFBE, a game that I’m still playing to date.

Chrome Remote Desktop allows for a third-party to connect and control a host computer’s input (mouse and keyboard) which is really nothing new but it is able to do it in a very straightforward manner all throughout from the host installation to the outside connection.

The way I did it was a connection and control using a mobile phone. Here’s what happened this morning:

1. Before going out I thought to myself hey why not try it, worth a test run at least.
2. Went on Google and found Chrome Remote Desktop, read some instructions, proceeded to download and install the Chrome app extension.
3. The host process installation followed suit which had required another download and install into the Windows system.

4. Enabled remote connections and set up a PIN
5. Downloaded the Chrome Remote Desktop app from the Play Store, installed, and opened the app.
6. Using the same account that is logged into Chrome on the computer, I was able to see in the list of computers accepting remote control. I chose the computer and within a few seconds, I was looking at my desktop within my phone!

It’s that easy! It took me, on Fiber, around 2 minutes to set-up!

Controlling the input from the touchscreen is quite intuitive with left clicks being recognized by tapping into the screen. Swiping around the display would move the pointer from within the computer registering no clicks.

I had run into a bit of a snag earlier (at least I thought I did) when I had to “drag” from within the computer – I was initially thinking that’d be pretty easy with an actual mouse connected but I realized, after a few attempts, how to actually implement the maneuver – it’s tap and hold, wait for the visual cue, and then slide the tapped finger towards a direction.

Outside on 4G connection there’re still dropped frames here and there but still very tolerable

Chrome Remote Desktop is simple enough that installing it can be taught to whoever needs their computer repaired and it could be done completely by the person given access to. I might just utilize the same for this exact reason.

Try it out and see for yourself… I mean, wouldn’t you like the ability to use the full power of your computers without having to be in front of it?!? Yes you would ^^

Do sound off on the comments any pros and cons that you might have with regards to the app and how it functions.

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