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Shopee Kicks Off Their 9.9 Sale

On September 9 (9.9) Shopee in the Philippines will be packed with sales scaling up to 99% off of the original prices. Over 1000 merchants are participating in this celebration and flash sales are to be expected all throughout this day and the days preceding it beginning September 1st.

Some samples of what would be available on sale were presented to the participants in the kick off party in the form of bundles and individual items that can be acquired thru points garnered over games and the activities within the hall. Their promotional video gives us a taste of what’s to come and it’s definitely shaping up to be one awesome shopping date:

During the launch, Ina Raymundo, Shopee advocate, had come to share the kick-off celebration with everyone. She shares how her love of shopping and Shopee, the service and the app, continue to be completely complimentary and extremely convenient.

The next few days mounting up to September 9 should be very interesting within the shopping portal. Be sure to visit to see daily deals that may not be available once the 9th comes along. Get the app here or visit directly via

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