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Illustrating on the Note 10+

A couple of days ago my wife challenged me to create a family portrait of ours in 5 minutes. I only got up to the point of finalizing the concept for the art which is this:

For the sketching software I am using Sony’s Sketch app which is fundamentally complete as compared to other “freemium” offerings for the Android ecosystem. It’s normally my go-to solution but I find that the S Pen response is not as instantaneous as when I tried sketching on PenUp which is Samsung’s very own. I hope they come out with a more professional working one though but it’s serviceable. Here is the drawing session for the concept sped up 2X:

Today, I decided to go ahead and start to ink over the linework, still on the Note 10+. A little backgrounder here: I took it upon myself to attempt sketching on the device while having it in the landscape mode which had some caveats compared to working on it in the portrait mode:

I quickly found out that the interface, while it does work, is not optimized for this particular application. As an example, there is a button which hides the side menus from the workspace but it’s positioned on the lower right hand so I continuously hit it during drawing. Here is where I ended up after around 10 minutes after picking it up once again.

You can see that there’s some challenge in working with a small screen (as well as a thin pen) and if you’re not yet that used to rotating the paper inside of the app then you end up moving the phone about like what you saw in that time lapse above.

Tried to color it in and used digital watercolor this round, might go with plain brushes later on. I’m going to tag this as a WIP for now as I can probably squeeze in some more detail for better context and completion. Let me know what you think.

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