The definitive directory for the Philippines’ commercial tech market.

Shop: Asianic
Known Branches: SM Supermalls Cyberzone, Park Square One, Festival Mall
Specialty / Experience:
This store carries several imported products that aren’t available with their contemporaries; some laptops they carry are not yet due for distribution in the region so it’s a good shop to check out.
Product Range: Varied
Website: http://www.asianic.com.ph
Pricelist: http://www.asianic.com.ph/dl_pricelist.php
SNS: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Asianic/232254695096

Shop: Accent Micro / PC Live
Known Branches: SM Supermalls Cyberzone, Park Square One
Specialty / Experience:
Known to provide some package ‘extras’ according to forums, prices are generally market standard.
Product Range: Notebooks, Limited Accessories
Website: http://www.accentmicro.ph
SNS: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000582030108

Shop: CD-R King
Known Branches: Everywhere
Specialty / Experience:
It started out with very cheap CDRs hence the name, it is now arguably the largest computer peripheral provider in the country. Service is quite slow because of the non-automated preparation of the receipt.
Product Range: Carries anything and everything that can be connected to the various computer ports.
Website: http://www.cdrking.com/
SNS: http://www.facebook.com/pages/CD-R-King-Your-One-stop-Media-Provider/422990090248

Shop: Compex
Known Branches: SM Supermalls Cyberzone, Park Square One, Virramall
Specialty / Experience:
While this store generally has higher than usual prices for most of their computer peripherals, it isn’t exorbitant more often just a case of “old stock”. In some locations, you can ask for a discount especially when buying more than one item.
Product Range: Varied, Casio Cameras, Cellular Phones
Website: http://www.compexinternational.com/
SNS: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Compex/123711597681753

Shop: Complink
Known Branches: SM Supermalls Cyberzone, Park Square One, ATC, Trinoma
Specialty / Experience:
Product Range: General Carrier
Website: http://www.complink.com.ph/
SNS: http://www.facebook.com/complinkstore

Shop: Datablitz
Known Branches: SM Supermalls Cyberzone, Park Square One, Greenbelt, Robinsons Place Manila, Festival Mall, Marquee Mall, Virramall, Shangri-la, Podium, Power Plant, ATC, Trinoma, Eton
Specialty / Experience: Game titles, controllers, and peripherals
Product Range: Game disks for all modern platforms
Website: http://www.datablitz.com.ph

Shop: Digital Walker
Known Branches:  Park Square One, Virramall
Specialty / Experience:
This store carries products for keeping electronics devices safe.
Product Range: All sorts of protective cases and films, focused on iDevices

Shop: Electroworld
Known Branches: SM Supermalls Cyberzone, Park Square One, Greenbelt, Waltermart, Abenson, ATC, Trinoma
Specialty / Experience:
Provides extensive instalment packages most probably due to affiliations to credit card institutions
Product Range:  General Carrier
Website: http://www.electroworld.com.ph/

Shop: Octagon Computer Superstore
Known Branches: Everywhere
Specialty / Experience:
This store is often occupies a large floor space to accommodate the multitude of the products they carry. The prices are standard and the classification of items is very clear
Product Range: General Carrier
Website: http://www.octagon.com.ph/

Shop: PC Corner
Known Branches: SM Supermalls Cyberzone, Park Square One, Virramall, West Ave, Alabang, Gilmore Ave.
Specialty / Experience:
They have a slogan saying they lower the lowest prices. While it is true for some of their products, not all of what they carry have actual lowest prices.
Product Range:
Website: http://www.pccorner.com.ph
Pricelist: http://www.pccorner.com.ph/pricelist.do?action=downloadpricelists
SNS: http://www.facebook.com/pages/PC-Corner/187390697939270

Shop: Save On Surplus
Known Branches: Park Square One, Budgetlane, Victory Center Mall, Fairview Center Mall, Ever Gotesco, Farmers, Isetann, market Market, Metropoint Mall, Riverbanks, SM Centerpoint, SM Fairview, SM Southmall
Specialty / Experience:
SOS carries a lot of peripherals that are not with the bigger players. Mostly older generations of products, the prices are competitive if not very affordable.
Product Range: Varied
Website: http://www.saveonsurplus.net

Shop: Silicon Valley
Known Branches: SM Supermalls Cyberzone, Park Square One, ATC, Harrison Plaza, Robinsons Ermita, Robinsons Pioneer, Trinoma
Specialty / Experience:
Just about the only challenger at par with Octagon in terms of selection.
Product Range: General Carrier
Website: http://www.siliconvalley.com.ph

Shop: The Computer Authority / TCA
Known Branches: SM Supermalls Cyberzone, Park Square One, Virramall, Eton, Festival Supermall
Specialty / Experience:
The store doesn’t carry much of any one product, one thing particular about them is that their notebooks always have a wallpaper with the specs and prices already in them. That equates to less questions and more looking.
Product Range: Varied
Website: http://www.tca.com.ph

Shop:  Villman Computer Systems
Known Branches: SM Supermalls Cyberzone, Park Square One, Trinoma, Robinsons Pioneer, Market Market, Sunvar Plaza
Specialty / Experience:
VCS stores are generally small, not much to see from the front but they have a lot of stuff stored behind their walls. Their site is detailed and their shops are almost always connected to one another.
Product Range: Varied
Website: http://www.villman.com/

Shop: Wellcom Telecom Supermarket
Known Branches: Almost everywhere
Specialty / Experience:
The store focuses mostly on mobile phones, but they have laptop centers as well. They price lower than most but they don’t carry the most updated of products. They have a centralized repair center so aftersales support might be dim. They also have a VIP membership system for a marginal discount.
Product Range: Varied, Cellular
Website: http://www.e-wellcom.com/

Shop: PC Gilmore
Known Branches: Gilmore Ave. Virramall, SM Cubao, SM North, MOA, Caloocan, Lagro
Specialty / Experience:
Known for the production of ‘clones’ their prices are generally negotiable to a nice affordable price.
Product Range: Varied, PC internals
Website: http://www.pcgilmore.com.ph
Pricelist: http://www.pcgilmore.com.ph/controller.do?action=pricelistpage

Shop: PC Express
Known Branches: ATC, Gilmore Ave, Virramall, SM Marikina, Festival Mall, Sucat, Shaw, Katipunan, Cebu, Cavite, Caloocan, Buendia, Abad Santos
Specialty / Experience:
Employs a warehouse type of product selection so not generally found within major malls
Product Range: Varied
Website / Pricelist: http://pcx.com.ph

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  • i bought a linksys wrt120n at your store ASIANIC COMPUTER STORE in sm center laspinas- after 2 weeks of use the unit / router is always disconnected – intermitent connection either hardwired or wireless, it will disconnect thrice in one day sometimes more than 3 times, when i bypassed it, it did’nt not disconnect me an had a stable connection when bypassed. now when i reconnect the router, it’s doing the same thing again and again, so i return the unit for diagnosis before friday shipment date to warehouse, then i called after a week and they said 2 to 3 weeks more, whoever is responsible or liable for this issue, as a customer will you pls expedite this, or maybe replaced it immediately because i need the router and i’m loosing money out of it…pls. i need immediate feedback…thanks- PLS. DO NOT SELL DEFECTIVE UNITS.

    • I think you got me confused here because Asianic was the first on the list, anyway I hope you get a proper replacement or compensation for the defective router unit you purchased. If you had detected the problem early on, you should’ve been met with an outright replacement from the same shop and not have the unit sent off to diagnostics, I’m sure they had you sign some paperworks. Be advised that when you send your unit off for repair you should demand for a service unit or else a definitive timeline for your products return.
      As a product however, Linksys is one of the more prominent of networking devices and should be less prone to factory defects, it is very unfortunate that you had been handed out that specific one, else it may also be the fault of the internet provider / line.