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Zero Wait DIY with Powerhouse

Plan and execute your DIY project today and enjoy up to 65% off on home & outdoor essentials from Powerhouse Flagship Store this May 2!

Of note are these two core pieces of equipment, arguably the very first ones you’d be getting especially if you’re starting from scratch:
The Powerhouse Variable Speed 550w Jigsaw Wood Metal DIY 55mm PH-BK6005 PHPT and the Powerhouse USA Electric Drill 600W 10mm PHB-ED10RE PHPT

Here’s the skinny on the two: both feature very straightforward operation – there’s very little to toggle so you won’t make an error when you’re just trying to get started on a project… and when you just look around, you already can list down some of the issues having these two around would solve.

Both of them are also easier to manipulate because of their relative weight. Compared to other models, which feature higher outputs or strength, these have just the right amount of heft to make you want to use them and perform simple tasks such as shaping some wood to fill out a visible gap or just mounting a small appliance/equipment like a router to free up the space of a side table it would otherwise have required.

Best of all, Powerhouse products come with basic consumables that allow you to use the equipment right out of the box

– it even comes with spare parts for any unexpected occurrence, not that you’d need them at all, we have a higher variant here which has yet to be serviced which is a testament to its durability.

Get these and even more from Powerhouse over at Shopee and start making the most of your space with simple but effective DIY approaches right this instant! Oh and since we’re on the site, be advised that the 5.5 Brands Festival is underway and a wide assortment of brands at unbelievable deals with 50% off Brand Bundles, 10% off daily, and Free Shipping with P0 min. spend can be spotted from April 26 to May 7.

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