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Summer DIY all the things with this Bosch Combo

Summer is a great time to perform some home maintenance or craft projects especially for the dads out there like me; we can always find something to fiddle with in the home for sure.

In this regard, and because we aren’t really running a workshop of sorts, general tools would be the best to procure and nothing says reliability like the forest green colored tool brand that is Bosch. Their tools are also in Shopee you know – this is their official shop right here.

There’s three basic things you want:
A screwdriver, a drill, and a grinder, all of which have tons of variation and utility.

Take changing up some insect screens for that matter, first you need to take off the frames, that’s where the screwdriver comes in, if it’s automatic, great! You finish the demounting faster – the Bosch GO Smart Cordless Screwdriver turns itself on with a mere push… you’ll absolutely love it. If you’re installing in a window which previously did not have screens, then the drill allows you to do so – the Bosch GSB 550 Impact Drill makes short work of all surface toughness with its gear settings. The grinder allows for you to not only cut the aluminum frame to size, but also get out any stripped screws and clean up the space where you would be installing as well – the Bosch GWS 060 Mini Grinder let’s you do these and much much more you haven’t even thought of yet… With plenty of attachments, you can really get to work with just these three things.

Of course you can do it with traditional tools but time is something that you’d want a bit more of to enjoy the summer and doing tasks with Bosch just makes it all the more efficient and effective

The best time to get them online is during a sale such as today’s 4.4 ShopeePay Sale – make sure you have got your ShopeePay topped up to get the best deals on the platform!

There’s plenty more to do for sure so the most reliable tools will be your best bet – just look at the battle scars on this guy ^^

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