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Blockchain Collective – Vanguards of Applied Technology

Blockchain, it’s definitely not something you hear everyday but you’ve likely heard about it especially during the time when Bitcoin started to rise in value.

As it was expounded during our short encounter with the founders, Bitcoin is actually just one of the real world applications possible through Blockchain which is essentially a decentralized system that works with complete anonymity and transparency at the same time.

Blockchain Collective is the primary provider for certification in knowledge about Blockchain in the world. It heralds from Australia and has support from the government having been launched and announced in Parliament. Austin Lewinsmith, co-founder of Blockchain Collective, through an intimate gathering of technocrats, following a successful series of one-day seminars held at San Beda, helped us better understand what it is they’re bringing to the Philippines and how invaluable this knowledge could possibly become in the imminent future… even at this very moment.

The prospect of this type of learning makes me feel like I’m back when Android was just beginning to take form, look at where it is now, launching version Q already… I could’ve ridden that wave in all seriousness. Now here’s Blockchain and a genuine opportunity to make oneself an application expert through a set of courses with six core courses and two of four optional selectable courses depending on the final use case for the individual or the company he/she represents. There’s plenty of flexibility with how a learner or a set of ’em can choose to handle the timing and delivery of knowledge; an online delivery system is actually in place and is constantly being utilized.

Blockchain Collective will partner with “providers” in the Philippines with universities among their prime candidates for information delivery. At the first wave of implementation, the company would send out certified instructors to facilitate the courses with the objective of eventually training enough local counterparts to take over the posts completely. Joseph Chua, president of the Philippine contingent, is set to bring the opportunity to as many avenues as possible and as far reaching as the Southern Philippines to boot.

In no time at all, courses specific to Blockchain will likely be made available within college curricula. At this time, they’re already giving out CPD accredited seminars for professionals of various capacities, one specific example is in the accounting industry. Be vigilant and learn more as soon as now. Ride the wave and let us take privacy back from the internet!

More information on the PR that follows:

Empowering Students for a Future in Blockchain

MANILA, May 6, 2019. Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DTL) are being adapted into new and legacy businesses in most industries. Recognized for its ability to drive productivity, these emerging technologies address duplication, record keeping and international payment inefficiencies in today’s financial sector as well as providing better automation, traceability and transparency.

There has been immense growth in interest of the applications of blockchain and DTL in the recent years as future-thinking enterprise and governments had already started taking advantage of blockchain technology. However, industry research shows a lack of skilled people in this field.
“There are lots of people who understood coding on the blockchain but when it came to actual strategic thinking on how to apply blockchain to business, that is when there’s a massive gap in the market,” said Austin Lewinsmith, co-founder of Blockchain Collective. “Currently, there are lots of universities that were doing blockchain short courses but without any certifications.”

Blockchain Collective, Australia’s first and only Government Accredited Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain, is a leading blockchain education body empowering enterprise, educators and students for a future in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Servicing the growing demand for qualified and skilled people in the application of blockchain worldwide, its education is designed to equip graduates with the knowledge and experience to apply blockchain frameworks into business.

“The new course has been developed to ensure that this emerging industry has enterprise ready graduates with the knowledge and experience to apply blockchain frameworks in existing and new businesses,” said Lewinsmith.

According to Dr. Jackqui Moreno, Vice Dean-Accountancy & Business of the College of Arts and Sciences, San Beda University, the accountancy profession has evolved so much for the past years. And since the Board of Accountancy already included it in the course outline of the CPA Licensure Examinations that it becomes more prominent to the academe to bring to the students what the industries really demand from the graduates.
“We like to make sure that the students understand in the accountant’s perspective what blockchain is all about, because if you are not transparent about the transaction then many people will be losing trust in the transaction processing. And understanding this really will help our students become future professionals who really understand how technology affects corporate governance, and how it will also be affecting the business community,” she explained.

“We are passionate about offering emerging technology education to our students and are pleased to be the first delivery partner of Blockchain Collective in the Philippines,” said Dr. Moreno.

Which is why, last May 2-3, the first-ever Blockchain Accounting Workshop by the Blockchain Collective was held at the San Beda University in Manila. The said seminar was designed to prepare 200 Accounting and Finance students with a sound foundation of blockchain knowledge to confidently sit the CPA exam. Training combines a theory, practical and a demonstrative approach.

The two-day intensive workshop delivered practical and relevant skills, knowledge and examples of Blockchain’s uses, benefits and limitations as it relates to accounting and the financial sector. It guided the students through the process of understanding Blockchain’s history, evolution, terminologies, current place in the market and its potential to disrupt many industry sectors. Seminar attendees were also given the opportunity to navigate a blockchain explorer.

Included for the seminar are lifetime access to Learning Management System and resources (via online portal), seminar kits, online examination and Certificate of Attendance that is recognized globally.

In conclusion, Joseph Chua, President of Blockchain Collective-Philippines, said that the company aims to solidify the Philippines as the leading hub for talented and employable graduates in Blockchain.

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