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Zilingo – The Niche Kid On The Block

As far as e-commerce apps go, there’re two mainstays in the Philippine market that you can be certain to almost always find on devices of frequent shoppers. Then again, when it comes to fashion and beauty, those two rank nowhere neare niched entities like Sephora/Zalora. There is a new contender that is steadily making strides to get their own piece of the South East Asian beauty consumer market through the very specific and targeted approach that plays to the strengths of those that came before it.

Zilingo almost doesn’t have the tone of being a marketplace app; in all honesty, when I first heard about it, I was wondering why it was named so closely to Duolingo which is a language learning app. Zilingo is not anything like it though. It is a fashion and lifestyle marketplace that is similar to Sephora/Zalora but it feels different because of subtle nuances in how the products are being presented to the potential customer via the mobile app. There is also a web interface if you were wondering.

My personal experience on the Zilingo mobile app can be summarized into two words – “honed in”. Almost, if not all of the items that are being sold on the platform are shot in a white background, might even be they’re required to be like that, so that nothing is taken away from the product in focus. each displayed item is presented in a vertically biased rectangular space that is almost exactly the height of half of the interface, which means that at any time you’re browsing on the Zilingo platform, you can only see two products in front of you with complete information. Access to the side menu, home, search and cart buttons are always present up top so you keep track of what you need to find and how many items you’ve already chosen at all times.
Product focus is even more visible when you actually choose one follow its link.

On the product page itself, you initally don’t see anything apart from the product photo and pricing information with very big buttons to either purchase the item outright or to add it to your cart. Swiping left and right would reveal more of the product photos and swiping from the bottom reveals the order particulars especially on wearable items giving you the options for size and color on an overlay drawer that takes up the wntire screen once you go further down to check out the information on the product and the seller. The usual suggestions for other items that might be of interest to you are present towards the end of the flyout.

The home screen is very easy to digest, with nothing screaming out at you for attention. There you can even find a quick link to filter out everything that has a price reduction at the time which you can narrow down by selecting even more filters making the search better suited for whatever it is that you might be looking for. Right below the top bar, there is a carousel for the most basic selection field which is the classification that makes the most sense to anyone – featured, gender, age, beauty, and lifestyle.

Going into any one of those primary filters moves the user to a space with five more visible secondary filters (there’s more of course). Displaying it like this prompts the user to immediately begin shopping just by swiping up, it’s that suggestive.

The cart interface is also very neat and organized following the established three step process to get the ball rolling on the product so that you can wait for it at home already. There’s no lack of available payment options for the user and the information is prominently displayed presenting all the possible options to make the consumers experience an uninterrupted shopping session.

All things considered, Zilingo seems to be off to a great start, complete with feature ads that come in once you start up the app and even more suggestions as one continues to rifle through the available items inside of the platform. We hope that Zilingo stands the test of time and becomes a formidable contender in the e-commerce space. Cheers guys!


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