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Infinix Hot 10 Roster and Special Edition Available at Shopee

There’s no shortage of viable budget gaming platforms from the Infinix stable as their comprehensive roster of Helio powered Hot 10 lineup gets featured at their official Shopee store.

Here’s a quick rundown of the devices to help you decide:

Get the Infinix Hot 10 Play here
Get the Infinix Hot 10S here
Get the Infinix Hot 10S MLBB Edition here

It’s a matter of preference really, if you simply want to game casually then the Hot 10 Play is more than enough to get you through skirmishes. If however you’re looking to get one-up over the competition then the Hot 10S would be the better option, even more so with the Hot 10S MLBB edition which pushes bot RAM and ROM to 6GB and 128GB respectively. The Hot 10S variants also has a really nice 90Hz screen which shows particle effects fluidly and allows the player to better react to any circumstance.

Each of the options that Infinix provides are spaced at Php 1000 apart each a pretty compelling argument for the price bump. Find them all and more at the Infinix official store only at Shopee. Watch out for special sale dates for additional price drops!

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