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Underworld : Awakening


This movie marks the fourth installment of the Underworld continuum and reintroduces Celine (Kate Beckinsale) through a continuation of the second movie, set 12 years into the future.

If you have watched the trailers, as I’m sure you have, you’d be glad to know that all of what transpires in it happens within the first 20 minutes or so of the movie. What wasn’t shown but is all over the web is a young girl who is Celine and Michael’s progeny.

Colors and mood remain true to the franchise as most of the action happens either indoors where little to no light comes in and during the evening. Granted Celine already is capable of standing around during daytime, all of her kin (the remainder of the vampire covens) are still as frail to the sun as they were before. Humans are now included in the war as the carefully hidden vampire vs lycan conflict has been made public due to documented sightings and fear; although the participation is minimal during the whole film, it provides avenues of interjection not available to the writers before.

Several highlights of the film allow the viewer to immediately relate this movie to its predecessors through the trademark movements of our prime death dealer: there was no lack of multi-storey free falls and double handgun assaults in this one. I especially liked their presentation of Celine’s gun-assisted escape plan (shooting plenty of bullets through a structure until it gives way, which she did with the floor on the first film).

It is a bit faster in pace compared to the other two but with twice the amount of action. It concludes with another one of Celine’s famous dialogues and maintains presence and recall. Even if you haven’t seen any of the earlier parts it can stand on its own… although you’d be questioning a lot so I wouldn’t recommend this path. Enjoy your screening!

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