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Toshiba Tablet

If there weren’t enough tablet choices out there at the moment, this offering from Toshiba adds a little bit more than a new flavor into the mix. Albeit a little less creativity on the name… makes you wonder who thought about it.

At 10.1 inches it is specifically tuned to the utilization of the Android Honeycomb operating system. The screen has a 16:10 ratio giving it a little more breadth and spacier feeling within the interface. On the backside they have this ribbed easy grip design one which resonates from their NB serie I reckon. There are four buttons on the front similar to what the Samsung Galaxy Tab has, and two cameras, 5MP at the back and 2MP up front.

The usual suspects such as the NVIDIA Tegra Processor and Flash compatibility are available and some pretty interesting additions such as a mini USB port, stereo speakers and a user-replaceable battery give this particular tablet better coverage and perceivable life span.

I saw the promo ad being played over and over at one of their concept stores but they cannot give any indication of when it will be available locally, if and when ever. they should come out within the latter of the second quarter or early the third to become truly competitive, much of the market may already be settled on another if they come out late, but with the style and the branding, it might be a nice idea to wait as well.

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