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The Revitalized Glorietta


Yesterday, strolling around the malls of Ayala provided a bit of a surprise because the veil has been lifted for a part of what used to be a devastated Glorietta 1.

As is seen in the photo, around 70% of the shops have not yet transferred to this new location, the activity area is wide and it provides a brand new option to event planners as the opposite of what you can see in the photo is a tree lined drop off entrance and could make for pretty interesting possibilities.

Why this is relevant to me and this blog is because some of the more established tech retail outlets will also make this their home. There’s an Abensons to the right at the third floor and it’s pretty big. Plenty of displays were laid out per brand/manufacturer and theres still plenty of room to move around.

Things are going to get pretty interesting once all of the tarpaulins are taken down to reveal completed establishments. It’s going to be one of the prime locations for strolling around come the holidays.

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