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Quick Fix: Battery Not Charging

Yesterday my brother’s HP Pavilion dm1 notebook suddenly showed a ‘battery not charging’ notification. Naturally the culprit is either the power supply or the battery itself which isn’t really all that favorable because the battery cost a lot to replace; Battery charging isn’t normally controlled by software unless you specifically tell it to.


Initially we checked the purchase date to check whether or not it could be taken to the service center for free but this one has already passed the one year mark so that option is no longer open. Normally the charging light changes from white to orange when charging is taking place and when the drained battery is put into power, no color change occurs and it is not a good sign. However, one time when the plug was being pulled out, I noticed the light turn orange for a split second. So we tried slowly plugging in the power connection and suddenly the light was a steady orange. And there we have the quick fix!

If you have a problem with a battery that is not charging and is sure that the power supply has no problem, try plugging in the power connection slowly and just maybe, you’ll save yourself time and money taking it in for repairs.

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