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Purchasing Factor 01 – Ports


Move to the side Danbo!

Please dont mind the cardboard bot. Anyway, I’ve been asked by a friend (yes it’s you Jacyn) to recommend a gaming portable and so I did; I figured that when considering a purchase there are plenty of factors and the list can go on and on… this might be a good series to create on this blog and this post is the beginning of it.

USB ports are the standard for data transfer and accessories probably for a few more years to come. Thunderbolt is simply not making it into the market just yet. With all the hype currently on touch/screen development and getting thinner, most of what is out right now wouldn’t be able to do what is happening behind Danbo in the photo above: a file transfer between two USB3 devices.

The argument maintains that when considering a new product purchase you need to be prepared to be utilizing the fixed number of ports that comes with the portable and this includes video, LAN, cards, and audio. A simple formula – thinner = fewer this goes for everything… more recent tech are attempting to render ports obsolete through wifi direct and the like. But until that idea is commercialized completely, you’d have to put this under consideration, especially if you’re going to use the portable as a workstation.

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