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Photoworld Asia 2014 – Shutterbugs Playground

It was already the second day of the trade show when my partner and I went over to try and find a specific lens. The distributors on the floor during this iteration however were a tad different and neither Olympus or Panasonic had a dedicated booth present. Not all that bad as I had a chance to meet some of the guys that hang around the M4/3 community page on Facebook – Jamie was sporting a completely gaffered up OM-D with a 20mm f1.7 while Miko was carrying a GH3 equipped with the much too scrumptious 25mm Nokton f0.95.


Not all a loss either as I finally got to purchase a wireless trigger to pair with my FL-36. It is the Aputure Trigmaster II completely manual with sixteen channels of synchronicity and a testing trigger. I had tested it prior to purchase of course and its quite liberating opening up plenty of creative avenues for the improvement of composition.


It was simply the most economical way of getting my flash to fire off camera and that allows for greater flexibility than simply firing off a wall or a ceiling… All this before I finally got back the cable that comes in the OM-D box which enabled me to update it to the just released firmware 2.0 which adds a LOW (ISO100) sensitivity setting as well as smaller focus points across the field. Every E-M5 user should now be eagerly waiting for a rumored firmware update which might add focus peaking for when manual lenses are opted for use.



Quite the nailbiter because I’ve previously read of some cases where the firmware update was interrupted and the camera either would not recognize the lens, or worse, fail to startup; all proceeded without a hitch though so I’m really glad for that. Prior I had also gone and updated the GF3 body so both of them should now have some form of improvements with compatibilities and handling.

Plenty of mirrorless users would be disappointed with the offerings available at the Glorietta Activity Center; unless of course the brand they’d have taken to using is among Fujifilm/Sony’s line with which complete lineups of lenses and other accessories for both brands. It’s quite disheartening especially since I have purchased my OM-D during the same event last year – in an Olympus booth with all the newest lenses and hard to find accessories to further enrich the shooting experience.

Another thing that one can play around with there is the current pinnacle of mirrorless technology – the full frame A7 from Sony (seen below), there is also the X-T1 from Fujifilm but I haven’t snapped a photo of that one yet


Will most likely drop by later once again to snag some much discounted cards or accessories… might as well check some reported Sigma offerings at the JT Photobooth later as well; the elusive 7-14mm still nowhere in sight though leads are continuously being explored. Photoworld Asia runs till February 4 so troop on along for the latest in photography gear!


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