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Philippine Pro Starcraft II League Is Coming!

PPSL is Going Global

The much awaited IPL 4 Qualifiers for the South-East Asian (SEA) region will be hosted on November 7 to 8, 2011, by the Philippine Pro Starcraft II League Invitational at the Glorietta Activity Centre in Makati.

Due to the newly found partnership with the IGN Pro League , a world class tournament with over $100,000 in prize pool and features the best players in the West,  the Philippine Pro Starcraft II League has been announced as the official qualifying tournament for the IPL 4 in the SEA region. With foreign professional players like oGsMC, oGsInCa, WeMadeFox.Moon, WeMadeFox.Lynn, WeMadeFox.Soccer, and Thorzain participating, one can be sure that epic games will be played.

Top players invited from the Philippines and across the world will be vying it out for $3,500 and an invitation to participate in the IPL 4 Live Event, you can be sure that everyone participating is going to be well practiced and ready to show what they are worth!


Our Vision: The Philippine Pro StarCraft II Leauge is a Philippine based Organization focused on building a bridge between the SEA region and the rest of the world; globalizing eSports along the way, as well as discovering the untapped Philippine talent and promoting the Philippines as tourist destination in the process.

Our Mission: To be the premiere E-Sports event organizing body in the Philippines; aimed at improving the gaming community by providing tournaments where deserving players can experience top-level competition at its finest.

Big Thanks to NVIDIA, COUGAR, WESTERN DIGITAL, PALIT, CHIMEI, and EMAXX for making this happen, the best hardware for E-Sports.

For more information, check us out at and  and contact us at

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  • It’s great to see the Filipino gaming community having their own legit Starcraft II league going. I’ve met some hardcore Korean SC pro gamers and they swear by the game.

    Will the league be broadcast on TFC, GMA, or any Korean Starcraft channels? Will it be streamed online?

    How long has this been on the pipeline and what’s the next step for PPSL?

    Thanks for your time.

    – Jan “JTM” Hutchings

  • Hi Jan,
    This is so far our PR for Team AZK. We will update you about more information really soon. If you can, please help us disseminate their PR Write ups in the online community. Looking forward to that 🙂