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Logitech Alto w/ Integrated Keyboard

Ever since I started computing, my preference has been a notebook-centric setup. Its sheer mobility and instantaneous configuration would turn anywhere into a workstation immediately. But there is always the issue of grounding it whenever I get home and that’s where the Alto comes in.

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Basically a notebook stand with an integrated full keyboard with a set of hotkeys, this massive mat propels the notebook up and allows for a more direct viewing angle for the user towards the screen. It also has USB ports to compensate for the one it uses to connect to the notebook as well as a separate power supply port (adapter not included) , in case you would want to use the extra ports for devices which require power. The keyboard also comes with its very own palm rest that provides a very comfortable typing experience. Several hotkeys that can be found within the keyboard are volume control keys, a calculator hotkey, a dedicated sleep button, and task specific function keys that offer different functionalities than the one that is in the notebook, these cannot be controlled by SetPoint thus you would have to edit the default media, email and internet applications if you would want to use them often. The effective device footprint is 42 x 50cm, a bit large compared to the laptop’s area requirement but its nothing a moderately sized desk doesn’t have.

Camera 360

Using the Microsoft Ghosting Test, it is revealed that not too many keys can be simultaneously detected and thus is not very suitable for gaming, Logitech does have products which cater to this category anyway, it would have been a plus if I were able to play O2 Jam flawlessly with it but I’m not that much of a PC gamer anyway so there’s no problem.  The function keys are also different from a conventional keyboard, the ones with the Alto are more depressed, spaced apart very clearly, and require a little bit more pressure to activate. As a whole, the character keys produce almost no clicks or noise of any kind you would think twice if you had hit the key or missed it.

All gratitude goes to Sir Noel and Mam Anna for letting me have such a wonderful addition to my setup and ever growing Logitech collection. Thank you so much!!!

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