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Fuji Xerox’s DocuCentre S2110 – A Compact Print/Copy Solution for today’s SMB

Today, Fuji Xerox launches the DocuCenter 2110, an SMB oriented copy, print, and scan solution that is focused on being simple and easy to use with a number of features that make it a standout choice among the market segment for A3 print solutions. Ken Kozac – Fuji Xerox Philippines Country Manager says the DocuCentre S2110 carries on the Xerox’s trademark quality without exception.

Folded up, Fuji Xerox’ DocuCentre S2110 falls within a very manageable 60x60x60cm space, and that means putting plenty of functionality into a space roughly the size of a small side table, and with the amount of things you can do with this unit, you’d sooner replace your printer with this hybrid.

Despite being a copier, DocuCentre S2110 can also print (albeit only in black and white) and it also scans up to 11×17 and A3 size documents for both functions; and because it is a copier, it excels in speed, unmatched by dedicated printers at a rate of 21 sheets/minute on A4 continuous mode.

It’s all about the little savings with the S2110; things like not needing to refill the tray to time saved from not having to position ID cards properly for a nice output, this includes the tedious task of re-placing the paper on the tray after each copy – and the DocuCentre S2110 can do this up to 4 ID cards, it’s uncanny.

The document tray holds up to 110 sheets of paper of thicknesses up to 128gsm, the scanner is just as fast as the copy/print speed at 21-23 sheets on A4, diminishing as paper size grows ^^

It’s really something to consider especially with the requirements of an SMB; the only thing missing for me, is wireless functionality, but that’s just nitpicking because an SMB will have a network in place which could potentially place the printer in a better area for best access to more individuals.

The DocuCentre S2110 retails for Php 71,990 it’s a little pricey for an investment but over time, considering printing costs in total, Fuji Xerox’s DocuCentre S2110 can truly rack up its value. Its a great product truly worth considering, I give it a solid 4 out of 5.

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