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No time to waste… literally!

A few hours ago, I wrote a movie review on a bus. That was the first time I tried actual content-creation on the X10.

I used a simple notepad application, not one of those document editors, and the only real problem I found with it is getting the data out of the device (actually it was more of a hiccup and not a problem at all). Now there are plenty of ways to do that as you can imagine, there’s email, Dropbox, and a host of sharing options through mobile social networking services and blog management applications; Bluetooth is the only method not requiring internet and as what I wrote was simply a ‘note’, taking it out through a wire is not a possibility, if I used a document file though, that’s another matter.

It was not ineffective to say the least, encoding thoughts digitally and on the spot has never been so fast and quite frankly there isn’t an excuse to not be able to write about something anymore with so many smartphone and tablet devices coming out, the expectation really has gone up for media and the blogging community. Its only a matter of time now until dual core phones make their commercial debut. With equipment such as that, faster than some third generation computers, this vocabulary called ‘lag’ may very well be forgotten.

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Mark O.

Mark is an architect and artist who endeavors to design most anything that requires a little bit of thought into it.

Although writing is not considered a primary focus, a little too much time can yield many thoughts that are just begging to be written down.

Armed with a trusty array of content creation devices and surrounded with a continuous flux of technology and life, herein lies those that are fortunate enough to have been given presence through a little bit of movement and a whole lot of iterations.

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