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DPP’s 6th Anniversary at BHS–A Smashing Good Time!

Last Saturday, May 26, I spent the entire day at the Bonifacio High Street taking part in Digital Photographers Philippines’ 6th Anniversary festivities.


There were 2 main areas, one in the new extension of the BHS where the fountains and stepped landscaping where Nikon and most of the other major sponsors including Sony, Olympus, Phottix, Etc, and the other along 9th street which was Canon’s turf. Registration began at around 6am and the lectures started around 9… the event was concluded past midnight with the best raffle prizes being two compact system cameras from Sony (NEX-5) and Olympus (EP-1)


The entire day was filled with seminars on multiple if not all of the types of popular professional photography typologies: Portraiture, Food, Speed/Motion, Basic, Infrared, Wedding, Landscape, Photojournalism, Fashion, even Cosplay was there. Simultaneous lectures were being given at both ends of the BHS and the participant is free to choose which ones to attend. All of these seminars were being given by renowned photographers of the specific field so listening intently would definitely lead to insightful information which can definitely be put to use in photography.


^ Portraiture by Ms Sara Black.


^ Speed by Mr Benjamin Chan


^ Infrared and Landscape by Mr’s Edwin Martinez and Jay Jallorina


^ If the timing is correct, this is the one by Mr Nikko Villegas on Fashion


^ This one shows Mr Val Rodriguez on Photojournalism


^ Mr Paco Guerrero on Landscape Photography and Lighting


^ Mr Raymund Isaac with model Jinri Park talking about Proper Interaction and Fashion Photography


^ Mr Jay Tablante with Jinri Park as “Gogo Yubari” for Cosplay Photography


^ Mr Xander Angeles on Lighting and Fashion / Advertisement Photography

Plenty of seminars right? That’s not even all of them yet but those are the ones with which I had listened to and/or participated on. But of course that’s not everything that happened during the celebrations, in the next photo you can see DPP-EIC Nick Tuason on stage and the blue streak near the stage canopy setup… that’s a camera, flung to the crowd, no kidding!

_1020079 There was a lot more items from the sponsors which were given out thru the same manner and right before the raffling off of the main items, the audience (the remainder of them) was treated to an intellectual discussion through a live judging by an expert panel: not to mention overflowing Bacardi while this was taking place along with more prizes being thrown to the crowd.



From morning till the next day, it sure was a very long and tiring but ultimately rewarding event. Here’s what I got to show for my time there:










And there you have it! Thanks DPP for a well put together anniversary and many more years to come!

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