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Concerts and Devices – How tech puts off the experience


This was taken from a concert just a few days ago where I had a media badge around my neck. Around about 40% of the concert goers had their ipads, iphones, tablets, smartphones and whatnots out and about recording the event… in video.

So what’s wrong with this picture? Well I don’t think anyone there paid X amount of their hard earned money to watch and rewatch it in a small screen right? Take the girl in the photo above for instance, attempting to capture the event with both hands with two different devices to make sure they have it both in photos and in video. I mean seriously, is this going to be used anywhere to a specific purpose except to let people know “why yes; we were indeed there.”


Take this next girl above, her purposes differ because she also had a media badge like me. The equipment, albeit not really up among the most professional of the range, is configured and setup for documentation… I however do not approve of how this was set up in the middle even with the pass.


Media passes afford some level of mobility like above, darting in and out of alleys trying to get great shots from angles unconstrained by a seat number (at least for the photo documentarists) I think video should be left to the actual media partner which in this case was ABS-CBN and you can see the equipment these guys are using along with areas where they are specifically and exclusively allowed to move in. Their perspective and angles, resolution and focus, would be better than anyone elses within the crowd of concertgoers (for videography).

The entire concert experience is all about seeing the artists perform live on stage with all their flair and hardwork put into the preparations and rehearsals for a smooth show that lasts a couple hours or more. This should not be hampered by instant sharing afforded by devices much like how it is improper to do it in a moviehouse which is by far, much more rewatchable than a concert. I hope some of the readers become aware of this and refrain from creating such ruckus in the future which can ruin the experience for the percentage that actually go to such events for the performance.

This is actually my second time writing about such eventualities… the first one here.

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