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The way that this was marketed, it didn’t even occur to me that it would belong to the likes of Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity or Quarantine but it was one of those handheld camera movies which either made you dizzy or completely captivated you; Chronicle however, didn’t feel as if its in one of those extremes.

To start things off I should warn you that this movie does not merit a repeat viewing. I found the story, progression and characters a little too simple and stereotypical. One thing I like about it though is the effort in creating the more action packed sequences synchronized very carefully leading to masterful execution and elaborate scenes of destruction.

Technically this is an excellent film as the camerawork is phenomenal, not once do you look past the vision of the lens whether it be a hospital camera, bystander video, police footage, and whatnot.

Not really something worth spending a movie ticket for but that’s just my opinion. If you do take the time to view it as well, take solace in knowing that the impossible becomes possible in this film.

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