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ASUS Technical Seminar

This is one of the first active participations that this blog has entered and it was a fantastic display of current technology that ASUS has implemented on its motherboards, this time particularly focused on their line utilizing AMD processors.

Although this post is particularly late, there are highlights that were presented on the seminar which is useful for consumers of all computing requirements.


We were treated to a sumptuous meal with plenty of different flavors all together. The seminar was held at the Ayala M Café and was a prelude to their simultaneous launch of the Slider and the N-Series. Here’s the entrée:


I can’t really remember any of the names of the dishes on the plate but they were all tasty and none of it was left even before the seminar got to the second presentation. The set that were discussed were all of their current AMD based desktop boards and configurations starting from the commercially oriented and moved on to the more powerful ones.

The Essentio CM was presented, sporting an i3 / i5, a fully configured package oriented towards those looking to buy a good and stable system.


The F1A75-M Pro for the ones looking to customize and setup a system to their particular specifications.


And the highlight of the event, the most powerful AMD oriented board that was prepared for the famed Bulldozer currently breaking speed records left and right, the Crosshair V Formula:

Crosshair V Formula

I am not particularly fond of desktop systems but overclockers would have a field day with this last one. Having the mark of the Republic of Gamers (RoG) means that the gaming performance is expected to be in the top tier. A special network audio system interface through the form of the ThunderBolt was presented which is particularly geared to network gaming fanatics through the independent processing of the audio signal, it allows for better latency and response of the actual game itself and while it might seem like a minute difference to some, this could mean a win or loss already to hardcore gamers.

Another thing presented, which I’m almost sure that all of the boards and systems presented has is an all new BIOS interface which allows for a quick overview, visual and mouse driven controls and even the possibly of an automatic overclock managed by the system. They call it the EFI BIOS Utility and it does look sweet.

Some more photos from the event, particularly of the transparent Crosshair setup they had provided as eye candy for participants follows:


A liquid cooled x6 was on the device.


Hardware buttons for controlling the board even without the case.


The audio processor cartridge – ThunderBolt!


and all-you-can-plug-in SATA 6 ports with one ROG port.

I wasn’t really able to jot down most of the SRP’s that were discussed but if you’re looking to use the Crosshair, expect some definite but worthwhile dent in the budget department XD

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