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A Fusion of Techniques – Dr Sketchys Alice In Wonderland Sketchmob

As participants to the BGC Art Fair 2013, Dr Sketchy Philippines organized a sketchmob yesterday at the plaza / fountain area of the High Street Extension along 7th.


Even though the event was open for photographers as well, most of the participants were there to sketch… and sketch they did. A few takes it to the next level through the addition of colors in a variety of medium most popular of which was watercolor (probably because its really fast especially when the artist is very sure about how the colors will react to one another).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There were plenty of styles that can be observed from the many participants as well as preferred media which is akin to a photographer with his camera and lens choice for a particular shoot. The more traditional of whom even have special cases an example of which you can find below:


Everyone pretty much zoned into their own rhythm once the sketching got to the second pose, heck even the guards were attempting to sketch.


Of course this cannot be properly integrated into this site without the inclusion of technology right? While I was partially expecting to see some tablet sketching going on, I didn’t think soemone would actually do it with a setup that is designed for a desk:


This dude was sketching using what appears to be a small Wacom tablet (a Graphire if I’m not mistaken) connected to a 14” laptop that he supports using his legs / feet. Initially he has his computer right in front of his body with the tablet to his side but eventually he moved towards his setup above. He was pretty fast too, focusing mostly on the form and shading, clearly he’s been at it for years seeing as he was using some sort of automation within Photoshop during the shading part as well as having the window maximized and devoid of buttons which he simply uses keyboard shortcuts to shift with.


There was another guy who was using a more expected tablet computer with a Wacom digitizer on it:


His ordeal was weight which some of the more recent tablets have taken care of (but still manages to tire one out should it be used for extended time periods). He was using a software more along the lines of Autodesk Sketchbook but the UI was slightly bigger so it must’ve been a different one. Naturally, the other guy who was on the ground utilizing the keyboard is speedier just because he can access tools that much more swiftly.

The model was Alice dressed in a burlesque inspired version of her trademark blue shade:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA She was made to pose for a few 10 minute sets which escalated to 15 and then eventually to 20 minutes. As far as photography goes, the background wasnt too helpful (because it was a busy business day for the shops) and I had wanted to take a few low angle shots to make the sky, or the building at the very least, the backdrop; However, because of the manner that she was dressed in, that would only be construed as rude. Add to the fact that the lens I had with me required a certain proximity to be truly effective and so… high angle shot it is.


Shot above has been through post – blurred, NDd, enhanced, and vignetted.

P2230348 There was probably upwards of 50 people who participated in this sketchmob and I’d think the organizers were pretty pleased.


Kudos to them and the model for a very well executed sketchmob. Pertinent links below lifted from the evite:


All images herein were shot using the OM-D with the 12-50 kit lens without enhancements unless otherwise specified.

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