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24/7 Gaming : Ragnarok M on the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

When Ragnarok M (ROM) Open Beta dropped last October 31, I had not been in the house because of errands that needed to be accomplished as well as a previous engagement that cannot be rescheduled.

That meant I needed to use data to get the entire game into the Zenfone Max Pro which went by without any sort of hitch mind you – taking down from the Play Store almost 2GBs of data and unpacking it into over 4GBs before the game can actually be played. Even though there’s about 5 graphics intensive games already installed prior into my 32GB/3GB version, the phone was still able to accommodate the installation with space to spare. This is very important as updates would eventually increase the storage requirement and having extra helps plenty.

As a phone that had been marketed to game for extended periods of time, the Zenfone Max Pro is a very apt fit for a practically neverending and incredibly grindy MMORPG. To date, many competitive players are already on their third job classes – mine is just two job levels shy of ascending with the game merely 16 days old!

That translates to practically 24/7 gaming which most hardcore players will do on their PCs in order to control multiple accounts at once, as well as leave the game running even when they’d be sleeping or doing other tasks… the developers actually made doing this even easier by implementing an auto-attack feature directly into the game. And so you might be wondering… can you do 24/7 gaming with a smartphone? You might not believe it but it is very possible with the Zenfone Max Pro.

You’d need to have the Zenfone Max Pro hooked up to power, sampled here connected onto a multi socket USB charger with adaptive output. When the game is running and rendering heavy particle data I noticed that the battery stagnates at whatever charge level it is at so it’s best to hook it up at 50% or so but I’ve almost constantly been doing it at the 10% area – cutting it just close enough to maximize playtime off the wall.

The only practical difference that this has over a PC based emulation is that the PC can actually turn its screen off and continue to run the game whereas it doesn’t happen with the Max Pro… the screen really needs to be on consistently. The phone does heat up but not enough to be concerned about. So if you’re thinking of dedicating yourself to playing this game to competitive levels then you could consider this path as an alternative to a constantly on computer with much greater power draw.

The Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 currently retails for only PHP 8,995 for the 32/3 model and PHP 10,995 for the 64/4 version with better cameras.


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