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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Skeleton King Nightmare Takedown 20171029

At long last, after what feels like an eternity, even longer than my experience with Aigaion, the Skeleton King has gone down and I now have access to the Necro Dagger. This strategy can serve as a guide for F2P players as long as they can take down the Skeleton King’s health by around 10% consistently. The key to this is patience and you’re going to need a boatload of it since the final few turns purely rely on RNG.

This is my team composition: Tank + Reraiser + Healer/MP Battery + DPSx3 and while this is a bit TMR heavy, I think the Nightmare level requires it to be so.
WoL on Golem – MaxHP equipment with Grand Helm and Pod 153 (Tank/Alt Breaker)
Rikku on Titan – Full Ignorance Set with Pouch and Ribbon (Reraise/Mitigation)
Tilith on Lakshmi – Max MP gain with Soul of Thamasa and Goddess Protection (Healer/MP Battery)
Orlandeau on Diabolos – Balanced ATK with Killer Effects from Equipment/Materia and Black Choker (DPS Chain 1/MP Drain)
Knight Delita on Odin – Max ATK for high Lance effect, Strategic Blade with Black Choker (Breaker/MP Drain/Chain/Finish)
Friend Orlandeau with Confusion resistance this is imperative else you might die by your friend Orlandeau (DPS Chain 2/MP Drain)

This is the exact sequence I went through and it is quite strict but easy to remember:

Turn 1 Defend
WoL – Light is With Us
Tilith – Affectionate Aura / Prism Heal (Over 60%)
Rikku – Synthesis
K. Delita – Crush Weapon
Orlandeau – Duskblade
Orlandeau 2 – Duskblade

Turn 2 Recover
WoL – P. Shield
Tilith – Radiant Light / Prism Heal (Over 60%)
Rikku – Hyper Null All
K. Delita – Lance / Phoenix Down if Orlandeau is dead
Orlandeau – Divine Ruination / Duskblade
Orlandeau 2 – Divine Ruination

Turn 3 Attack
WoL – Defend / Embolden (Over 60%)
Tilith – Celestial Light / Prism Heal (Over 60%)
Rikku – Hyper Mighty G
K. Delita – Lance (if S.King still has MP) / Strategic Blade
Orlandeau – Divine Ruination
Orlandeau 2 – Divine Ruination

Turn 4 Repeat Turn 1

Once you’ve set it up, getting S.King down to 60 should be without issue. Past 60 the commands change to allow for Tilith to Prism Heal at practically all times.

Past 40, the RNG based turns start to come in which can really get out of your control. At this stage, you should be strategic with Hyper Null and Hyper Mighty G for Rikku, but keeping S.King’s MP down to Zero makes sure you don’t get wiped out by a stray Shadow Storm or any other of his MP based attacks. I was actually using Lance as a finisher to DR chains and eventually I got S.King to 3% HP after him firing off his Eternal Torment and what not when I finally delivered another Lance capped DR chain.

It’s a heavy challenge and very time consuming especially when RNG gets crazy and multiple siphons are thrown out making sure you’re dead whatever preparations you may have got going on. If I had an A2 I might’ve gone for the 5-man challenge but I can do without the accessory for this crazy event trial.

Hope this helps some of you guys conquer the S.King, there’s a few more days before the event concludes and beating this crazy challenge is quite fulfilling. Let me know on the comments how you took this monster down. See you guys on the farplane!

I’m coming for you next Bahamut!

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