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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Playthrough Update 20170118

Since maintenance is going to last around an hour and a half more, let me tell you about the fine early morning that I had:


That’s right, I finally pulled one of the top attackers in current meta and the most flexible among the three (Lightning, Luneth, and Noctis… hmm Gilgamesh may count so four…) to boot! I know it’s not going to be longer that Orlandeau is out but hey, Noctis should still be very relevant for content… (Chizuru come out so that we can get that Blade Mastery off of you XDD)

It was past 2AM when I finally spent the 250 for the day and when the gold stripe showed up I was still secretly whispering in my head for it to be an Ace… when it broke and reformed into a rainbow, I was too excited to take a screenshot that I had already hit the screen and the crystal already started to give off light from it’s cracks. And when the initial attack animation had died down (he’ll do a warping attack so you won’t see him immediately) I couldn’t be any happier… cause I’ve been rainbow trolled before (Duane and Gaffgarion) and that absolutely salty!

It’s funny because when he was on the banner, I had expelled all the available summon tickets and lapis I had then to no avail… and now, just a couple of weeks after, he finally joins my team! You should know that, at current time, the character pool for possible rainbow pulls is quite sizeable, as we’ve yet to get the update for a guaranteed 5-star base character upon a rainbow crystal… its a very small percentage to get a top tier non-banner unit that’s why I was channeling Ace during the few seconds of uncertainty.

I believe I have around three Mog King events worth of 6-star awakening materials just waiting to be used and it’s quite timely that I get him now that a hundred gigantuars are still available from Mog King’s stash. I can immediately awaken and max level Prince Noctis but I’m taking my time, maybe upgrade his Limit Break a bit… after all, I had been going through content with Dark Knight Cecil (DKC) as main DPS unit apart from Cloud of Darkness (CoD) for a while now. When maintenance ends, Rain should be available to awaken to 6 (though I might not just do this yet… or just awaken and not level, i’ll think about it) and Dangerous Ariana is up next with some weird farmable awakening materials… naturally I’ll also accomplish that.

As far as the events that have transpired goes, Dark Fina was an ok opponent for my current party… didn’t really need to read through the boards to take her down… it was the same for the Snowman raid event, that’s why you have not read about it from me ><

Here are some notable gacha 4-star base pulls that I have not touched yet… aggressively:


It does not include the Warrior of Light that I already have maxed out at 5 eagerly waiting for the announcement for his 6-star awakening… him along with Firion were going into the fray had I not landed an attacker in Noctis:


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius requires an incredible amount of time; It remains fun for me that’s why I’m still on it, especially since we have the JP version of the game as a measure of how much more of a future there is in the game as far as content and story is concerned. That’s it for now, I hope you also had a good day with great luck in the gacha.

Never let RNG bring you down I say ^^ See you in the Farplane!

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