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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Malboro Takedown 20180331

It took the better part of an entire week, countless NRG charged to experience and fine tuning the team to an absolute tee, all to complete one of the most insane trials in all of FFBE. It is so unbelievably insane that perfect chaining is a necessity… yup you read that right, you can equate missing a chain to throwing away 50NRG (initially I had planned on completing it with natural gameplay but the damage variance was so uncontrollable that I had just ended up wasting time) – at least it is a necessity when using the Trance Terra method.

My earlier attempts (sample above) saw the use of three (3) fully geared and enhanced Trance Terras which can (using a perfect chain and a debuff) actually kill the adds in a single turn. This meant that one could actually begin to apply damage on Malboro in the third turn and finish on turn 5/6. This is a bit unreliable because the damage output drops significantly when the MAG buff from Magical Activation goes away – this is why some teams bring a bard/dancer to maintain the level of damage ensuring the death of the adds each and every turn Awakened Chaos Wave chains are available to make. I soon found out that this strategy can only work with double duty 5* tanks and supports because one of them would need to cast status protection over the party along with dark resistance and debuffs to the adds – a tall order for the 4* crew at present.

These days, there is a known cheese method using a fully decked out Ang that has a fully leveled LB and two chainers to ramp up the damage to complete the trial within 4 turns. The method is good and all that, but it still remains that – a “cheese” which takes the fun out of the “trial”.

There also exists a longer strategy utilizing Aeroja capped Tornadoes from Barbariccia popularized by Howl. It’s a fantastic one that uses only one 5* friend unit at the expense of time. I had attempted it also but I’m a bit impatient hence when I saw the damage output the first few rotations I’d let the idea go.

One of the oldest and standard methods against Malboro utilizes two high powered chainers and support units to take all the damage away and make sure the enemies are within fatal damage whenever necessary. It’s all about specific damage levels, turn count cues, buffs, debuffs, and resistance rotations. There’s no kidding around with this challenge. Here is my kill crew:

Ayaka w/ Ifrit (Healer) – Reraise, Curaja, Dispelga, and Ifrit
Cagnazzo (Provoke Tank) – Defensive Stance
Minfilia w/ Rikku’s Pouch (Support, Debuffer) – Shadow Guard, Guard Order, Chaos Grenade, Eccentrick, Leader of the Dawn – LB Finish
Trance Terra (Damage Dealer) – 11++ MAG
Mystea w/ World Destroyer (Support, Debuffer, AoE Tank) – Clear Veil, World Destroyer, Triletia Wall, Dispel, Defend, Field of Resistance
Trance Terra Friend (Damage Dealer) – 11++ MAG

Notes on this team composition strategy:
Trance Terras can go well over 1.2k in current meta but that has a possibility of pushing the adds beyond the 10% threshold that will trigger Acidic Explosion and ruin the entire turn sequencing. You should find the proper mix to match yours.
Minfilia and Mystea have some functions interchangeable between them, they’re the most flexible units in this trial but they have unique roles as well:
Minfilia must have Shadow Guard up at all times
Mystea should cast Triletia Wall after pushing Great Malboro over the 50% threshold.
– Either of the two should use a status protection skill before killing adds
– Your damage against Great Malboro should be averaging over 20% for you to defeat it.
You’ll be hitting Great Malboro 5 times with the last one coincident with the death of both Malboro adds.
– Even though this is a very controlled approach, there is a fair bit of RNG with the abilities that the Malboro group attacks you with.
– This is the turn sequencing for my 14 turn kill IIRC – the listed down HP values for Great Malboro assumes 20% damage inflicted and is theoretical… you should be hitting it for a bit more. In this image above you can see the turns where Great Malboro is susceptible to damage, as well as the turn where you would want to actually remove Skin Softened from Great Malboro protecting him from damage (orange).

My turn 14 saw the sacrifice of Mystea falling down to an unfortunate RNG turn but it wasn’t for any loss. I had full LB bar for Minfilia, and a full Esper gauge for Ayaka.

That’s it. I’ve finally got my very own Malboro Tentacle, Eye, and Whisper. It truly was a great challenge run. To date, my account only has the two 10-Man Trials unbeaten, those will come too ^^

Have you beaten Malboro yet? Let me know what strategies you used for it. See you guys in the farplane and good luck on your own Malboro run!

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