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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Hein Takedown 20170908

Alright so while we were outside a few hours ago, I had some 35 odd energy left and I figured I’d try out the Hein Trial after killing off the Erinyes and getting the Apollo Harp… used the Setzer DD attack on here.. he made it to turn 2 probably because I didn’t have Demon Killer.

From what I’ve read, Hein was going to have 4M HP and would still be almost immune to physical damage… It’s fortunate that my account had been able to get a D.Fina and T.Terra. Going into the trial I figured I’ll probably be able to do it if I could find another enhanced D.Fina to chain Ultima with… there was one! So I went in with a full waifu squad:

Tilith: Healer/Buffer/MP Battery
Rikku: Support – LB, Al Bhed Potion
Enhanced D.Fina: Magic Damage 1
T.Terra: Magic Damage 2
Enhanced D.Fina Friend: Magic Damage 3

During the entire fight, Hein just switched barriers over two elements – Fire and Lightning. And while in the beginning I was just hitting with double Ultimas, when I tried shooting with Thundagas when the lightning barrier was down it seemed to be damaging more. And so I did that as often as possible… switching between Ultima, Thundaga/ra, and Firaga with the occasional Osmose when Prism Heal is no longer enough.

I believe my run had been quite lucky as Rikku had been able to get her LB off almost every turn – she did have a complete set of Ignorance and a Prodigy’s Goggles but still needed around two crystals to be able to use Hyper Mighty G. Often and even when particular thresholds were passed, the team was able to recover and eventually put an end to Hein.

And get all the rewards in the process ^^

There’s still plenty to do as I have not yet defeated both the Aigaion Trial and the Malboro as well… Those will have to wait until I’ve got the time and the team to finish it ^^

See you guys on the farplane!

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