Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Bloody Moon Takedown 20171220

After countless tries over the span of what seemed like two hours, I’ve finally successfully completed the Bloody Moon Trial. Originally, I was trying out the standard Phase 1 to Phase 2 style against the Bloody Moon, and I had one run where I felt that I could’ve completed the trial but that was just that… a feeling. Despite having used elixirs and botching the No Item achievement, RNG still handed my kupo back to me.

At the background of the screenshot above you can actually see my earlier attempt with WoL as the tank. Didn’t work quite as well as Mystea / Mistair.

And so I figured, now having a couple of fully geared Trance Terra’s that I might try the three turn kill that had been floating around. I had attempted this before with one of the T.Terra’s lacking some materia and the damage simply was not enough. A charm strategy like this is pretty much equal to a Setzer cheese strat and just as legitimate XDD

This strategy has a number of requirements for its viability:
Turn 1 – that none of the units die
Turn 2 – that Bloody Moon gets affected by Charm (and a Holy had been cast from one of the units with the Ring of the Lucii for all achievements)
Turn 3 – that the Esper Bar is filled to launch Bahamut at the Bloody Moon

This strategy is the second fastest clear method for the Bloody Moon trial, trumped only by a team that uses 4 fully geared Trance Terra’s… this requires an insane amount of TMRs not to mention Awakening Crysts for a grand total of 9 abilities, and actually pulling 3 Trance Terra’s.

Here was the team I used against the Bloody Moon and its apostles:

Mystea (Tank) equipped with Golem Esper / geared for HP and SPR
T. Terra A (Magic Damage 1) equipped with Ring of the Lucii / geared for MAG
T. Terra B (Magic Damage 2) geared for MAG
Barbariccia (Charm Unit) equipped with Ice Rod, Ring of the Lucii, and Diabolos Esper / geared specifically for elemental achievements… and hopefully extremely lucky
Soleil (Support) on the original strat, this is a second Charm unit… just in case that first attempt does not connect… equipped with Bahamut / geared for HP
Friend T. Terra (Magic Damage 3) geared for MAG

This is the EXACT turn sequence:

Turn 01
Mystea – Tryletia Wall
T.Terra A – Magical Activation
T.Terra B – Magical Activation
Barbariccia – Dual Black Magic Blizzara/Biora – Ice and Dark Damages
Soleil – Panzer Dance (Shooting Dance is better)
T. Terra C – Magical Activation

During the opponent’s turn, the Bloody Moon’s attacks hopefully would proc a Holy from the ones wearing the Lucii Rings, this would take care of the Light Damage component

Turn 02
Mystea – Reinstate (important if the apostles survive, otherwise this is a free turn for Mystea)
T.Terra A – Chaos Wave x2
T.Terra B – Chaos Wave x2
Barbariccia – Allure (must connect)
Soleil – Schwertz Dance
T. Terra C – Chaos Wave x2

Turn 03
Mystea – Stone – Earth Damage
T.Terra A – Enhanced Chaos Wave x2
T.Terra B – Enhanced Chaos Wave x2
Barbariccia – Dual Black Magic Alterna
Soleil – Bahamut
T. Terra C – Enhanced Chaos Wave x2

With insane luck, and at least one of the Chaos Wave assaults getting Spark Chains, you should have Bloody Moon lifeless at the end of the third turn. That’s it, all achievements in one run, and you finally get to equip Glory of Evil for a little more MAG stat on your preferred mage.

Hope this helps some of you guys with your Bloody Moon Trial! See you on the farplane!

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