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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Antenolla Takedown 20161130

A bit late yes I know, but I had to finish leveling up some characters before I battled this plant which I’ve read up on to be quite the challenge. I’m going for the Two-Headed Dragon soon, just farming gears now because I got mediocre summons for 28 attempts now (25 Tickets 3 Dailies) so might as well take everything Mog King is offering.


Antenolla is a temperamental four-part enemy which has 580,000 HP and is practically immune to all elemental attacks (un-equip all elemental swords and spears else they’ll be doing 0 damage to Antenolla). There is a move list available for each turn and while that is very useful, I find keeping some pointers in mind to be as equally important.


1. DO NOT kill the flower (Antenolla A) first as the other parts will go on a rampage and wipe you out with absolute certainty.
2. Power break must be kept at all parts consistently. Think of Antenolla as a team that has incredibly high ATK – your survival depends on lowering this and keeping your defenses up while whittling down the HP of each individual part.
3. Cloud of Darkness (CoD) is imperative for this challenge because thats the only way you’re going to be placing attack reduction on all parts of Antenolla within the first turn with her Aura Ball. There’s just no better alternative to her.
4. Antenolla is pretty tame and fires off ST attacks often when you’re doing the part-by-part killing method so having a solid cover tank with provoke is preferential… If you have Snow already I can imagine this to be an easier challenge.
5. Ethers of all levels are important because Antenolla has this habit of draining nutrients from your team and without MP it will be impossible to defeat.
6. The main flower has an attack called Prismatic Spore which will assuredly kill one character, just hope this isn’t your healer or you’ll be forced to use a Phoenix Down.
7. Prefer ST attacks over AoE or multi-target ones as it will affect your timings.


Here’s the team that I beat Antenolla with:
Vaan – Breaker – Full Break rotation, occasional Cura
DK Cecil – Attack 1 – Raging Fist (replace it with another ST attacker if you have one)
CoD – (Required!) Aura Ball, Attack 2 – Call of the Void
Cecil – Cover Tank – Curaja, LB if available
Refia – Healer – 1st and Final Turn Embolden, Curaja, Full-Life as needed
Lightning Friend – Attack 3 – as OP as possible mainly for damage AND not equipped with an elemental weapon

When only two pieces were left, I had considered alternating attacks to bring down both part’s HPs together but quickly went back to killing just the other part.


When all that was left was the flower, I could already feel the mace in my hands XDD


Antenolla hit me with around three Prismatic Spores within our battle, including that last turn when it felled my Refia. That’s basically the setup to get your Thorned Mace, which is really powerful in Arena.


You’re next Two Headed Dragon! See you at the Farplane! Here’s my seasons greetings to all the FFBE players! May your pulls always be prismatic and your unit list overflowing with Moogles (and Pots) ^^


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