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SALE: Digital Walker Madness Sale 2018

The Digital Walker annual Christmas sale is one of the most popular and long awaited events that consumers look forward to. This has normally been held at the Megatrade Hall but this time around, they’ve decided to put it into the relatively new hangout – the Santolan Town Plaza. It isn’t much further than Megamall when you’re coming from either side of the metro so you’d definitely still want to check it out.

Digital Walker Sale events like this one offers products mainly in the following classifications:
Cases and Protective Accessories – one of the staple items you’ll find in DW stores which include keyboard cases, stands, shatterproofing, shockproofing, the works, all from reputable brands regularly priced over a thousand to as much as ten thousand.

Audio Peripherals – all manner of brands are available this year as well with the hottest selling items being those from the Marshall lineup… wireless bluetooth solutions all abound too so if you’re raring to get rid of wires then you should probably drop by for an awesome deal.

Mobile Attachments – these can be anything from 360 cameras, lens augmentation, selfie sticks, input devices, and among the popular ones right now – gimbals!

Chargers – power banks, wireless chargers, battery packs, car chargers, there’s plenty to choose from and there’re even limited edition ones like those from Kate Spade should you be looking for something fancy.

and App Controlled Devices – we’ve seen drones, thermometers, cameras, toys… you name it!

This event however has a corner that is filled with photography related products marked down up to a whopping 70% off! – Lenses included (Tamron and Nikon)! There’re bags, tripods, flashes, mounts, Joby, Phottix, and Lowepro all make an appearance this year which is actually really really unexpected.

The Digital Walker Madness Sale 2018 opens every 11AM until the 30th of December. This sale length might be indicative of some variation with available stock because they’d need to replenish it somewhat to maximize the space at the Santolan Town Plaza. It’d be in your best interest to periodically check in for some possible treasure buried underneath piles of stuff some people have already overlooked.

The checkout queue is quite the ordeal and you’ll likely spend as much time here as you did browsing around the available items. It snakes around a couple of times before the cashier so, depending on your schedule, you might want to place somebody in line while the rest go about looking for items. People are ushered in by batch so the space won’t be too crowded and prior to entering, your phone case would be marked with a sticker so guards would know that you didn’t just put your device on it and walked away.

We took home an awesome productivity attachment in the form of the ZAGG Slim Book for only 1K!!! It’s a backlit keyboard and case attachment to the 9.7″ iPad Pro which is really hard to find because the size had seen a very limited run. We’ve seen someone snag a Logitech version which was probably there earlier in the day… there’s still a chance that might resurface sometime over the 15-day sale run.

Have you been to the area? What sort of treasure did you go home with in this cycle?


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