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5 Things to Expect from Ragnarok M : Eternal Love

So I was chilling out minding my own business when suddenly a rogue messenger tag alerted me that our guild had been rallying around the impending release of Ragnarok M : Eternal Love for SEA… a few minutes later the Closed Beta Test (CBT) breaks out and for some reason… I got in.

The CBT runs until the 24th and being the landmark PC game that it was, this mobile adaptation has a lot to live up to being 3D and all bringing the experience a step further from the original.

So let’s take a dive shall we:

1. The name is Ragnarok M(obile) Eternal Love and if that doesn’t clue you in I don’t know what will. All right it’s not that easy to get – but the first few foundation quests follow a couple of swordsman guardians and their star-crossed tale of love. When you finish this quest you’d be around a third of your primary job class with sufficient enough power to progressively take on more challenging battles.

In fact one of the loading screens have text on it that classifies Ragnarok M as a MMO mobile dating game! Not kidding.

2. This open world approach is a little bit different from the original game. You start off immediately at the South Prontera Gate and can literally do what you very well wish. Note that to progress in this game, NPCs with exclamation points on them would move you through:

RED! = Main Quests
GREEN! = Side Quests
BLUE! = Optional Quests

The game runs on your time with very little nudge really but you’ll get that from your friends don’t you worry.

3. The best tip I would give to potential players would be to get acquainted with the map and how it works. It will make your questing progress faster by at least three times compared to navigating with the screen manually.

4. A stamina system exists in this game which allows for exactly 300 minutes of gameplay per day. Hitting this will throttle monster hunting experience gain significantly BUT this does not affect QUEST experience gain.

You can PAY to extend the time but really you don’t need to… Ragnarok is practically a perpetual game which means whatever your pace, you’ll get to the end game eventually… seriously, don’t sweat it… unless you’re playing competitively which our guild would likely be doing in which case, build up those levels and make your alternate characters.

5. There is also an autonomous mode built into the game which basically allows your character to continue grinding on his/her own eventually hitting the stamina cap. This requires that the game be running on your phone while it is doing it so you might want to opt out of doing it because it may burn out your device.

Ragnarok M manages to take what we loved about the PC version and bridge the experience into mobile quite effectively. Fans of the original will surely feel nostalgic seeing all the previous maps rendered in three dimensions. There is a little bit of departure from gameplay depth because of the limitation of smartphone controls but overall it did not lose the flavor that made the original that engaging. It’s going to be one exciting ride these following months as the realm of Midgard once again accepts adventurers now on an even grander multiplayer scale than ever before. Adventuring begins October 31 for everyone!

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