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Centerfold 2015 – Someplace New for Something Classic

9AM was the planned registration start, organizers probably were not aware of a regular worship service that happens at the very activity center that they were going to host the event on and so a delay happened to intercede at the earliest instance… but that did not mar any of the participant’s spirit as some were even on site as early as 7:30 in the morning.

Robinsons Magnolia had been the node for this event date which was happening in concert with Photoworld Asia 2015 which was somewhere familiar in the south.


And so rolling with the circumstances, as most photographers are pretty much tempered on, the seats quickly filled and soon we were finished with the introductions from Alex and Nigel and proceeded to listen intently to the basic lighting lecture from Master Strobist Ricky Ladia who’s most engaging part of the presentation was a break-down of one of his shots determining how the lighting was positioned and how many were utilized.


A foreign travel photographer, Mr. Gunther Deichmann, followed suit showcasing shots that have been played with very little or came SOotC. He was the very first to champion the m4/3 system that day but he certainly wasn’t the last! His bag, the one on the table, was everything that he brought to any of his assignments.


Past the break we were greeted by a wedding videographer – the first to officially own a GH4 in the country thru a competition who showed some of the slow motion prowess of the camera.


He was promptly followed by Threelogy, one of the most sought after groups available for event coverages… They shared with us that in order to become better one would have to train with the basics first and that includes handholding the camera while doing video (if not using an actual video camera)… without glides or any sort of attachment.


Some discussion on UAVs and a few of their types, classifications, safety and even restrictions happened right after,  there wasn’t a demo much to the crowds dismay…


It was then that the Pin-Up Highlight (from which Centerfold was derived from I imagine) with known advertising/cosplay photographer Jay Tablante and two models Cherry and Beauty Gonzales commenced.


Here’re a few selected shots from that encounter… the first few of Cherry in the pin-up costume that was on the event banner, this part, also the one with Beauty in it, had a few photographers handling all the flashes thru a singular Phottix Odin transmitter while the rest of us had to make do with our own flashes and from a lower perspective:



A couple from Beauty Gonzales in a one piece red affair (with one bombed by Jay nonetheless)



And the last few from Cherry with her costume changed… only the first shot in this set came from the EM-5 because it was equipped with the kit lens and a flash and that simply wasn’t fast enough (or had enough color that I wanted) for the type of shoot that was happening thence reverted to the GF3 with the 25mm Summilux for better coverage.





It wasn’t a huge gathering but it was one where like minded people came together in the pursuit of what can only be called passion. Looking forward to many more… especially those catering to the m4/3 standard!

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