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Legacy: Samsung T240HD

Ive been seeing this thing that suspiciously looked like an ordinary computer monitor at one of the shops in Araneta which had a 15k sale price attached to it. It looked too pricey so I didn’t bother asking about it until I finally decided to ask about the Dell LCD TV/Monitor I scouted earlier.
The price that they quoted was very close so when I went by the shop, I asked whether it was a TV as well and that’s how I got to be introduced to the T240 from Samsung.

Released back in 2008, this model features a full set of connectivity options and an elegant bezel all around it.
At 24″ its a great Monitor and a very decent LCDTV.
Supports FullHD and with 2 Channel Dolby Speakers, I would have to say this would be a great competition to the former Dell offering even though that one is 26″.

However at 15k one would think twice on choosing because of the various 32″ offerings at the 20k range.

Full specifications available here.

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  • I agree that you have to double think. Have you seen the 2011 sanding models next to 2010 models? They can’t compare!!! Blurry vs very clear. It’s just too different. I’d go with the newer 2011 technologies. Samsung has a 22″ 10k LCD hdmi 2011 model in getting it for my desktop! 🙂 very clear!

    • I think they’re trying to get rid of all LCD stock… saw a couple of ferrari acer monitors on sale as well XD