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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Golbez Takedown GL Exclusive Trial 20171117

Alright, this trial was actually not that hard considering the damage that we were expecting from both the summoned black dragon and Golbez himself. This strategy however requires a properly geared team and not all players would have Trance Terra who enabled my team to floor Golbez in around 10 minutes… here’s the team composition (click to view full res):

T. Terra – (Damage 1) Awakened Chaos Wave Chains
Soleil – (Support Buff) Panzer / Shooting Dance Cycling
Rikku – (Support Mitigation) Synthesis > Hyper Null All > Hyper Mighty G
Ayaka – (Healer) Esunaga + Curaja
Friend T. Terra – (Damage 2) Awakened Chaos Wave Chains

This strategy is a magic damage based one which is also resistive of the most common elemental attacks that actually works for this trial. It was so effective that I wasn’t able to take note of my first turn sequence which was probably something like

T. Terra – Magical Activation
Soleil – Panzer Dance
Rikku – Synthesis
Ayaka – Meditate (redundant I know)
Friend T. Terra – Magical Activation

Initially I was thinking of using Maduin Guard to bolster the elemental resistance from turn 1 but the setup would suffer so I didn’t go there, besides Hyper Null All is going to kick in turn 2 which is plenty already, we just need to survive the first turn.

Each Awakened Chaos Wave Chain dealt a significant damage to Golbez that by the time the third turn (or thereabouts) ends he’d be summoning the dragon already. When this threshold happened and all my characters were at 10HP, there was a short dialogue that healed some of them up to around 30%… something about a mist dragon?! didn’t quite catch that. The turn, right after the dragon had been felled, saw one of my Trance Terra’s go down, from a rogue Osmose I believe, and required a regroup of sorts but with the dragon out of the way, and the elemental attacks hitting for very manageable values, it was fine.

Remember to have paralyze nullification on all your characters because status curing might be an issue… though in retrospect, a dual white casted Esunaga + Curaja should do the trick, I did this to get rid of poison effects whenever necessary.

Limit Burst activation was by Rikku, and the Esper kill was done by Soleil on top of a Chaos Wave Chain when Golbez was down to 9%. I had to use like two MP items towards the end because of the Osmose effect which is sort of RNG and might be troubling if you had needed to put MP on both T. Terras at the same time, especially if you need over 50MP – because you’d need 70MP to do an Awakened Chaos Wave Chain.

That’s it! Still contemplating on Sheratan ATM, maybe after I pluck Bahamut out of the Realm of the Dragon King now while there is half NRG on all story quests. Hope this helps some of you going against The Man In Black.

See you guys on the farplane!

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