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Zephyrus S GX531 – What Can’t You Do?

This was the notebook that I really wanted to lay my hands on! The Asus ROG Zephyrus S is the penultimate listing in Asus 2019 ROG lineup second only to the Mothership and features nearly the best in everything hardware has to offer coupled with the revolutionary Active Aerodynamic System (AAS) that improves cooling efficiency to handle heavy workloads all the better by literally lifting off the base of the laptop from its bottom panel. I had with me the GX531GX with an Intel i7-9450, 24GB RAM, 1TB Storage, RTX 2080 Max-Q and the 240Hz Panel.

Once out of the box and up and running, you’d be hard pressed to find fault within the sleek gaming performer. As is staple with the Zephyrus lineup, it is very thin, almost unbelievably so at just 15.75mm at its bulkiest, that they were able to fit an RTX 2080 inside of it but gaming on the device definitely shows just how powerful it really is.

The recommended settings on the FF Dissidia NT was already at “Custom” with everything set to the extreme. It is unfortunate that this particular game is locked to 60fps that the 240Hz panel was not being utilized to its potential but dropping frames was definitely out of the question; you can blame connectivity lag for that, apart from your own self for lacking the skill to match the equipment. Standard benches for workstation utility below:

One of the more identifiable properties of the Zephyrus S is having its keyboard deck flushed all the way to the bottom of the device, the space in between that and the screen attributed to better cooling and the RTX 2080.

Typing on it requires a little getting used to because they’re somewhat “shorter” than other keyboards from Asus giving off a more rectangular and unorthodox feel. It is also shifted to the left because of the trackpad that doubles as a numpad when queued up.

Initially, I had issues with the keyboard’s trackpad placement, having been used to it being under the keys with all my previous devices. My fingers naturally tend to go down to an empty space whilst attempting to do regular interaction tasks… But you should remember that the Zephyrus S is a notebook geared for gaming and it dawned on me eventually that the position the trackpad is in emulates a mousing scenario.

In an extreme circumstance, a user might just get to a proficiency level that won’t require a mouse over an extended period of use. You never know right?!? Though it really is hard to imagine gaming on a PC without using a proper mouse to match the speed that the notebook has to offer. Speaking of which, the Zephyrus S package comes with a Gladius 2 that is on a separate box along with the power brick and an ROG themed sleeve.

A host of ports exist around the Zephyrus S – the power comes in from the left instead of the rear but the device can also accept USB-C power delivery from the right; crazy right?

The lighting on the device is also very subtle and yet it’s striking at the same time. The keyboard doesn’t take away from the screen, which is top of its class already, even at the brightest setting the Zephyrus S manages to create an environment that prioritizes the screen over everything else, it’s quite the feat! Beyond the keyboard, the AAS also has lighting on it and true to form, even though it is not as bright as the ones on the Strix lineup, it provides ambiance to rival any other of its contemporaries.

You’ll find that the Zephyrus S, despite its svelte and slim form, doesn’t really want to be used without a stable flat surface precisely because of the AAS. You can still do this but there is a chance that you might find yourself with a slightly warped bottom panel over time.

The Zephyrus S stands at the very pinnacle of the entire ROG mobile lineup quite frankly because it is a masterpiece of design and engineering. Meting out competition grade performance within a mobile scenario with efficiency afforded over an extended period of time it is literally a dream crafted into reality. Now doesn’t Php 199,995 sound like a bargain to you?

The ROG Zephyrus S GX531 and all its brothers are available at the ROG Mall of Asia and ROG Concept Stores nationwide.

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