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Zenfone 2 Launch – An Unprecedented “First” in Many Ways


And so it transpired, the newest smart phone offering from Asus in the form of the Zenfone 2 had everyone in the hall cheering!


At an unbelievable maximum price point of merely 15000, the specifications and features more than continuously outshine the iPhone 6 (the selected high end representative) though in the technical seminar they brought out a Galaxy S6 Edge, a G3, an M9, and went head to head with those as well.


There really isn’t an area where the phone doesn’t deliver, most any aspect of smartphone utility has been passed with incredible marks. To wit:

The Beauty of Zen (Design) – The arched back, brushed metal finish, thin profile, 72% screen to device ratio, these all come together to create something beyond a black (or white) piece of slab with which some of todays phones are modeled after.

Unprecedented Performance (Specs) – Z3580 Intel Atom Core, PowerVR G6430 GPU,
4GB RAM, 60ms response time, literally anything currently in the market can be dealt with… even simultaneously!


Bringing 4GBs of RAM to the table allows for serious multitasking and unrelenting system responsiveness. Tests that the phone have been subjected to online show that even against multiple intensive 3D games running simultaneously it maintains the capacity to function where contemporary devices in the high end segment fail with a frozen application state.

They presented something better during the launch though, using the models as "apps" all of them will surely have a hard time fitting into a projected 2GB space requiring some of them to get pushed off the boundary when all of them are "open"… but when the projected space is doubled representative of 4GB, they have all the space and more moving about comfortably and without incident.


Sharp Vision (Photography) – in this case dubbed Pixelmaster 2.0, Asus’ approach comes in the form of detail and low light sensitivity. Complex calculations are made internally using interpolated color thru adjacency bringing subjects out from even almost complete darkness… Which really is just long talk for unbelievably bright!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Functionality is further expanded with accessories unique to the phone like the Lolliflash and the Zenflash


Fast Charging – a feature very much important in today’s mobile world. The Zenfone 2 can reach from 0 to 60% battery capacity with its bundled quick charger thru an output higher than what we’re used to (9V instead of 5V)


Best Companion (UI) – the vastly improved ZenUI comes with plenty of innovative features such as the Snap View Login (guest mode for privacy), ZenMotion (quick access to apps from sleep), Kids Mode (for when the phone is to be handed off to children to prevent them from accessing content), even functionalities that are only changable thru root, now has been granted from the onset (changing system font and autostart controls for applications).


The World Trade Center Hall was packed and same day purchasers were treated to free accessories!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Never before had a launch been received with such vigor – so much so that the stocks on hand for the best SKU (the 64GB version) was depleted almost instantaneously! Kudos to Asus and their unwavering search for the incredible!


The Zenfone 2 is out now in four configurations:

  • ZE500CL 2GB/16GB for 7,995Php
  • ZE551ML 2GB/16GB for 9,995Php
  • ZE551ML 4GB/32GB for 13,995Php
  • ZE551ML 4GB/64GB for 14,995Php

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