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Xtreme Smart LED TV 55″ MF-5500s – A Smooth Update to your Home Entertainment

There’s not a single review unit that I used awake as much as I have the Xtreme LED TV. Its best property is certainly the size, add to that being a smart TV at a price point well under 30K, there’s your recipe or success. We reached out to the brand because we wanted to see just how much different a 55” TV would be within the living room space that has just a little over 3 meters from the TV position to the sofa and it did not disappoint. We’d previously just been using a 32″ TV over at the location and it’s much too small if you’re looking at it from the sofa.

When the unit came along, the size of the box was expected for a TV of this scale. There is a minor gripe about how it is packaged though because there’s not an easy way to get the TV out of its box – normally there would be some sort of latch that you can release the box with but there wasn’t one with the Xtreme MF-5500s. It is quite the ordeal to set it up alone, I can only imagine the same with the bigger variant that they are also offering. See the entire mounting process here:

Once it’s set-up though, there really isn’t much to do but enjoy the content that you’d stream over the big screen. We found the size to be quite perfect for the space, especially since the “wall”, which already had a door in it, just went a little bit beyond the length of the TV so its almost all screen when you look towards that direction. Configuring the connection to the internet is super easy but you do need to wait a little bit when you wake it from sleep if you’re connecting over wirelessly… around 10 seconds usually does it.

The panel is “effective” with 4K pixels and a viewing angle that is clear no matter where you are in the room, thanks to IPS technology, – a decent number of viewers can be served and the sound that it generates with its integrated soundbar is just really immersive.

It offers a variety of connections to it , all situated on the right side, which should be sufficient for most use cases – USB, LAN, optical audio, 3x HDMI, AV, Antenna/Cable and Line. In order to connect an AV jack to the TV, there is an included adapter that you comes with the package, do not lose this and, if possible, keep it constantly connected to the TV so you have the ports on the ready. We used it to connect a karaoke system and it was a workable short term solution for the activity – still highly recommend going for external audio if doing karaoke so as not to damage the nice soundbar with its rich tone.

The Xtreme MF-5500s comes with two remote controls – a “traditional” one with the numbers for channel surfing and a “modern” one just with directions and keys for smart functionality. These are physical buttons and nothing capacitive of nature in any way which would of course be a value add if ever they decide to place one in its stead.

Of course, if ever your remote’s gone missing, you can still pretty much control the entire TV but this time you’d be using a set of directional buttons with a confirm button at the middle, behind the right side of the TV. Some implementations from other brands use a knob here for easier navigation but this isn’t so bad in a pinch.

The TV, should you decide not to mount it on to the wall with its included bracket (yep that’s another value added on by Xtreme for you right there) stands on two legs on either side. This means that should you want to be putting something right below the middle of the device for a more aesthetic effect, you could. The feet lock on with two screws apiece and is sturdy without sacrificing valuable table space – it simply requires that your table / shelf is long enough to accommodate the spread.

There’s very little in terms of frame or bezels around three sides of the device, the bottom part understandably larger for that integrated soundbar. This make for an immersive viewing experience that almost blends itself into the background. Here is a short video on the Xtreme MF-5500s flexing its 4K prowess via YouTube, recorded in 1080p witch constant camera setting so there’s no changes between exposure differences of footages and the interface turning black and/or white:

Credits to Benn TK for the superb 4K content that went viral a few months back, here’s a link to the actual video in case you’d like to rewatch it.

Being the smart TV that it is, the MF-5500s allows for you to download apps from a specific store, use “fast cast” which allows media to be displayed onto the TV directly from your phone, not exactly a mirror but it works, there’s also an integrated web browser but honestly, these are all a bit hard to navigate with using an on screen keyboard and a physical directional pad so I didn’t fancy doing those things over at the TV – what we did do was rewatch a bunch of Netflix material all for the sake of seeing details in better clarity because of the screen size, granted we were still just using high-definition because of he account restrictions but the sheer magnification made it all worthwhile.

You can own your own Xtreme MF-5500s for just Php 26,995 SRP and you can get it for even lower through their various promotions in either Lazada, Shopee, and their own store online. At its size to price ratio, Xtreme is unmatched and a very serious consideration should you be on the prowl for one.

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