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Wocol – Power King (3000mAH)

While walking around high street my partner had this epiphany that utilizing her mobile wifi subscription was far more economical and made much more sense than paying for mobile internet that had a limit and attributed payment as well.

The problem, one that many users of the iPhone have, is that the battery can barely last half a day of full utilization. Add to that the equally electric and charged mobile wifi router which would eventually lose juice as well.

To remedy this, the solution can be found in most all authorized apple resellers throughout the country – a battery pack that can pass on its charge to compatible devices through a USB receptacle, one ofter referred to as a power bank.


There are plenty of models out in the market today, differing in both size, form, weight, ports, and charge capacity; these mobile wonders have found homes in bags of mobile warriors who cannot be without their web fix. The Wocol Power King model found its way into the bag of my partner because of the following key points:

  • Weight
    Integrated Prongs for a CO
    Ability to charge other devices while charging itself
    Operational simplicity

If you had two KitKat (packs of 2 bars) one on top of the other, you roughly have the size and weight of the device and that is already the complete setup, no cables necessary to charge the item.


It lights up red, purple, and blue in increasing charge levels and that is all that youll have to remember with the unit. It has an intelligent sensor which supposedly determines how much a device requires and gives out and outputs that proportionate power.


The prongs come differently depending on which region of the world you would’ve bought the device from; it says on the packaging/manual that getting the other prongs is possible through optional accessories which would most likely cost a couple of hundred pesos beyond the base price.


She’s been using it as the wall charger in lieu of the original one and are able to charge a full iPhone 4s and Pocket WiFi device and that gives out more than enough juice to last the day. There are, of course, models with higher capacity but that comes with additional weight and size to consider.

Something worth looking into if you’re trying to remove mobile data charges which sometimes can become quite exorbitant. The 3000mAH version retails for 2,300Php at your nearest Apple Premium Reseller.

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