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WD My Book Studio Edition 2 – 6TBs of Storage Nirvana

Julz from ThinkBigEvents has sent me one of Western Digital’s more specialized products: the WD My Book Studio Edition 2.

You can probably think about this as a mini server of sorts. Essentially, what it is, is a dual bay drive housing two 3TB Caviar Greens but this particular unit’s color, finish, and style complements completely that of the Mac.


This product sets its sights on Mac users who are involved in creative line of work, more specifically those that handle video editing, as files utilized by people in this field grow more and more as optics and cameras generate better images which consequently ups the data requirement. Of course PC users who would want to use this device can also do so with a little formatting to start.

RearViewConnectivity options aren’t really that recent as the following are the only ones supported: USB 2.0, Firewire 400 and 800, and eSATA (whose cable is not included in the package). The unit itself is quite heavy and that makes it very stable in a flat surface. It also doesn’t generate any unwanted noise from operation.

FrontViewProbably the only paradox to its simplicity is the glowing oval indicator in front of the unit. It pulsates dynamically on startup (which is very dramatic) and doubles as a visual indicator of drive capacity which is pretty interesting seeing that there is no gradation (lines like that on a ruler) to actually gauge how much as been occupied by data and how much space is left, although it can give the user a general idea of how much more the device can take. The device is configured in a RAID 0 array which is pretty straightforward and appropriate but if you require some sense of data security it is possible to set it to RAID 1 which will redundantly save your data on both the drives at the same time.

Now this device isn’t small, the 6TB might have given that away but for a better grasp of the actual space that this might occupy on your desk or shelf, here is a photo comparing it with something you should be very familiar with.

ScaleYes that is an actual stack of portable drives, six of them and if they were 1Tb each, they still wouldn’t measure up to the My Book Studio Edition 2. So for small business owners out there especially those who use and prefer a Mac based environment, why not add this one to your data security solutions? Retailing at 21,800Php it might be a bit pricey for DIY Windows folk but for Mac users and for better sense of security, it just may be worth the cash.

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