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Vanguard Power Lens Cleaner – Lens Cleaning Kit All In One

Barring my utter carelessness in doing a format (which I’ve performed plenty of times already) here’s a review of one of my recent accessories to support my photography inclination.


About a year into photography and I really didn’t feel the need to get myself one of these until I started to get minor dust issues on images. The popular name on cleaning products is Lenspen but I found it a tad bit expensive compared to this one with not a lot of advantages.


This lens cleaning kit has a brush, a polishing tip, and a blower, as well as a nearly 12″x12″ cleaning cloth in a 450 peso package. Granted that the chamber is not as big as those oversized ones on the market, the size and intensity of the air output is enough to clean out dirt that can be found on top of the lens element without touching it, which with a cleaning cloth might scratch the thing and lead to undesirable results.

It all comes together with snaps and screws and can be carried as one unlike the normal pen and brush + blower configuration which Lenspen packages their products as. This Vanguard PLC, for half the price, does the same thing and is pretty fancy with its integrated system. So far I’ve removed dust from all of my lenses and blew dirt away from nooks and crannies of the body as well ready for more shooting expeditions.

Recovery state – scan duration requires 2h 10 minutes more to complete and that does not include actual recovery yet. Scan position is at 60GB of 698.63GB… it looks to be finding things and it better because last I remember, only 18GB of that entire drive is left blank.

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