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Toshiba NB 520

This has got to be one of the boldest forms any netbook could take!

The style is rugged and seems to be really heavy duty and comes in a variety of shades of pastel colors typically found on notebooks, nothing glossy, just full on textured matte goodness which carries its shade over to the touchpad buttons.

The singular unique and innovative feature of it is the unusually powerful, Harman / Kardon stereo speakers situated where the palms are supposed to rest while computing. It is outlined by the same shade that is on the lid and protected by a steel mesh. The sound system is so powerful that it can even drown out nearby sounds.

At 10 inches, the notebook carries with it a compact keyboard which would probably take a little getting used to for effective typing.

Under its hood is the same N550 Atom which a lot of the newer models carry which allows it to perform some computing tasks with general ease and speed.

If I had to guess, this particular model is geared towards the younger computing populace especially those who plan to use these computers as a form of entertainment peripheral.

At nearly 26 thousand I’d say it’s a little bit on the expensive range but you will be carrying the brand along with hardware more than capable of rocking out beats. Its sure to be a standout and a looker!

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